Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Award Season

Thank You

It's award season and the blog awards are out there too. Sharing the love and encouraging those just starting out. All awards come with an interview; blog awards tie everything together in one spot.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Claire, Marisa, M, AGDTime for nominating Tea Time With Melody Q for this award. We've learned a lot about you in reading the answers to the questions you were given. We've put all your questions together  (there were a few duplicates) and answered them here:

1.      Do you prefer reading an actual paper book or a book on a device?
Both, but books over eReaders because there are no batteries to run out.
2.      Do you prefer baking cupcakes or eating them?
Just can’t decide on this one…both.
3.      Do you prefer doing someone else's hair or yourself?
My own.
4.      Winter or Summer?
5.      Spring or Fall?
6.      Nature or electronics?
Interesting. Nature, but when I think about doing without some of our modern conveniences…electronics.
7.      Lengthy books or short books?
Depends on the book. Some long ones are so good they feel short and some short ones seem to take forever to read.
8.      Spiders or bugs?
I guess bugs. There are more of those that I won’t run from.
9.      Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
10. Swimming or Ice skating?
11. Making money or spending it?
Spending, but making it feels really cool too.
12. When did you start blogging?
January 2013
13. What made you want to start a blog?
My friend, Hannah O, had a great blog and introduced me to Doll Diaries. I had some great fashion pictures I had taken of Melody and thought I could put them to good use.
14. What is your favorite doll?
American Girl
15. What doll do you want next?
A Hearts4Hearts…either Tipi or Mosi.
16. What doll should AG make next? (Like traits of a doll that you'd like, hair color/length, eyes, face mold, etc.)
I’m not as familiar with the different face molds, but I’d like to see a Marie-Grace face mold with light skin; long, wavy, dark red hair with Lanie’s style bangs; a smattering of freckles; and green eyes.
17. How many blogs do you currently contribute to?
18. Do you plan to start any more blogs?
No, between the blog writing, reading, and updating facebook…that’s enough.
19. Where is your favorite place to photograph your dolls?
The front porch has great light all day long. Soft in the morning and bright in the afternoon.
20. How good do you think you are at taking doll photos? Why?
Not quite a beginner, but still a novice. Just check out Clarisse’s Closet or Dolly Dorm Diaries or Doll Diaries…those are the pros.
21. Will you ever "grow out of" dolls? Why/ why not?
Nope…because age wise I have already passed that time when many put away their dolls. I never did, so I can’t see it happening now.
22. Do you prefer Historicals, My American Girls, or Girl of the Year dolls?
Here I really do not have a preference – there is so much potential in all of them.
23. Weekends or weekdays?
24. Make videos or take photos?
Taking photos
25. Favorite animal?
26. Fruits or Veggies?

27. Money or gift cards?
28. Shopping at a store or online?
At a store
29. Favorite thing to do in your free time?
30. Favorite color?
Pink, purple, green, and gold
31. Gifts or gift cards?
32. Favorite food?
33. Which AG doll do you want next?
Not sure. We have a large family; however, we’re leaning toward Ivy or Cecile.
34. Pleasant company or AG?
Both…couldn’t have one without the other. The Pleasant Company outfits used less Velcro and more colors of the spectrum from earth tones to brights.
35. Saige or Isabelle?
36. Bittys or 18 inch?
18 inch
37. Youtube or Blogs?
38. Favorite hobbie?
39. What is your favorite game?
Clue (old style)
40. iPad or iPhone?


So many fabulous blogs have already been nominated...a lot that are dear to our heart, so we applaud: Simply Dollightful, American Girl Doll Crafts and More, Carrot and Claire, Clarisse's Closet, Doll Delight by the Spicys, Dolly Dorm Diaries, Girly Doll Type, Julie Newman's 70s Time Capsule, Living a Doll's Life, Little House of American Girl, Marisa's American Girls, Our AG Adventures, Our Dolls, Paper Doll World, Pretty Lilly an American Girl, The Doll Mag, The Redhead's Blog, The Saltys, and The Doll Wardrobe.  Keep up the great blogging. (For links visit our Blogs We Follow Page.)

Our Nominees

Nominees, your mission - should you accept it - is to post the award on your blog with a link back to the one that nominated you, answer the questions posed to you, nominate your favorite blogs, and create new questions for your nominees. Basically, have fun and pass along the love.

Our Questions: All Favorites!

Girl of the Year?
Historical Character?
Snack food?
Writing implement (pen, pencil, etc.)?
Disney character?
TV Show?

Thank you again for the award.

Best wishes,


  1. Thanks so much! I'll do it! :)

  2. Im doing it nut um im just confused...... who nominated me and what questions?? yh im kinda slow on these things...

    1. Congratulations, Kayla! You were nominated by more than one person. I know that we nominated you too. You can answer both sets of questions, since they are different. Hope you have fun and enjoy your award. :-)