Friday, January 6, 2017

Fashion Review: AG Purple Sparkle Outfit

American Girl Purchase with Purchase

Purple Sparkle Outfit

If you were shopping American Girl in late summer or early fall 2016 you may have found this great purchase with purchase outfit. It's called the Purple Sparkle Outfit. It comes with a jumper style dress...Now, when I say "jumper" I am using the American meaning which is a sleeveless dress meant to be worn over a blouse and not the British term for a sweater. The jumper is multicolored with metallic threads and lavender piping that matches the zipper running from neck to hem. Also included is a very pale lavender long-sleeve tee shirt, and purple metallic headband.

It does not come with socks, tights, or shoes. Since our temperatures are in the 20s I decided I should wear socks instead of standing on the tile floor in bare feet. Hope you understand. These socks are from a local consignment shop. Very toasty.
I think it's a very pretty outfit. The metallic threads in the dress are a bit picky, but not too bad. The zipper is plastic with a metal catch and ribbon pull. The pull does not like to lie flat. (giggles) We decided it looked better sticking up than out. The tee shirt is really soft. It opens fully in the back for easy on and off. The headband is hard plastic. The kind that gives Xyra a headache after a few hours. I think it matches my lilac glasses. I should have put them on for this shoot. 

Now, what shoes should I wear with this outfit. It wasn't hard to find a bunch that might look cool.

Since it is winter and cold, I chose the lavender boots from the Soft as Snow Outfit
I think they look fabulous. Would you have chosen these? Or another pair?

You might think the pattern of the dress looks familiar but not the neckline. Well, here I get to share an embarrassing moment with you. I did wear this the other day, but had it on backwards! This is the first dress I've had with a zipper in front and not on the back. It felt a little strange when sitting, but didn't think anything of it until I went online and saw my mistake. 😲 Anyway, I decided it looks good both ways. Here is the photo with the dress on wrong; just looks like a different neckline. (laughs)

Xyra's Notes

  • I am deeply grateful Nonna found this outfit for us in her travels. It is adorable and has lots of mix and match potential.
  • As melody mentioned, the dress fabric is a bit picky. If you have anything with metallic threads in it you know what she is talking about.
  • The dress bodice is a bit snug. Melody has a fuller body than her younger sisters; it may fit differently on Grace or Lea. I also think it is a bit on the short side. Not nearly as short as the Snow Glad to Meet You dress/tunic - Melody is able to sit modestly without tights.
  • There are so many lovely colors in the dress fabric you can put a lot of different tops under it.

So how do I look? Would you like to see a Who Wears it Best post featuring this outfit?

Looking forward to your comments!

Best wishes,

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