Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tea Review: Novel Teas

Thirsty Thursday #13 Plus Plus

Novel Teas

Hi! I'm going to veer off our normal review style; I hope you don't mind. 
The brand is Novel Teas and what makes it special are the tags. Each tea bag tag has a quote or something literary written on it. That's also why I'm chose this outfit; I was feeling a bit Austen-ish. (giggles)

Anyway, we've already used 2 of the bags, but are keeping the tags - for now. 
The bottom is the one from today. The top one is hard to read, it is a Japanese proverb that says, "If you believe everything you read, better not read."

You get 24 tea bags. 

What kind of tea is inside?
English Breakfast blend ceylon tea. One of our favorite blends; a go to if Earl Grey isn't available.

It has a lovely amber color and warm aroma.
It tastes good plain.

But I find it better with a touch of sugar and milk. Mmmmmm.
Thank you, Lady Grey, for this bit of whimsy for our tea collection. The tea tastes great and we get nifty little reads while it steeps.


Solid Oak, Inc. Steampunk Utensils
I'm also here to tell you about these great utensils
Xyra entered a giveaway at Mommy's Doll Club and was chosen to receive two sets. They are from Solid Oak, Inc. and are the perfect size for our needs. If you look back at the photos you can see two of the spoons with our tea things.

Thank you Mommy's Doll Club and Solid oak, Inc. for these great additions to our collection.

[Xyra aside: The primary purpose of the utensils is the creation of steampunk jewelry. I do not believe they are truly food safe. However, the spoon is the perfect portion size for the amount of sugar we put in our tea.]

Plus Plus

Finally, I get to model again. Flo sent us this beautiful dress. 
Perfect for Jane Austen fans. We all thought of Lainey D when we saw it! Don't the blue stripes and sash bring out my eyes.
I added the neckerchief, tights, shoes, and necklace. Oh, we didn't take a photo of it without the neckerchief! Sorry, Flo! The neckline is beautifully square, but I felt a bit bare. (giggles)
The sash can be tied in back with long ends or around front like I have it.

Well, hope you enjoyed today's Thirsty Thursday Plus Plus post. Raising a cuppa in your direction!

Stop again soon! Have a nice day!

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  1. Kirsten looks darling, the blue brings out the colour in her eyes so nicely! That tea looks so good, I might have to get some to try it out! Thanks for thinking of me! <3
    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. I really need to get into tea, one of my British friends keeps telling me all sorts of interesting things about it.

    I LOVE the scarf with the dress, it looks awesome. Now you have given me even more ideas on things to do with this pattern, and I need to go find a scarf to go with the ones we have here!

    1. Kirsten's neckerchief is a antique handkerchief I had with some other doll stuff. It's a simple 11" square folded diagonally. If you made one from scratch, I think 9" or 10" would work just as well.

  3. Novel teas...hee hee. Love the dress! I'm sure it was too cold to take off the neckerchief! As you know English and Irish breakfast are my runner ups behind Earl Grey too :)

    1. True, true. :) Chilly morning.

      Can't go wrong with those blends.

  4. I loved reading this post! Novel Teas sound really neat - and I'm drinking some tea right now, haha! And Kirsten looks great in that beautiful dress!


    1. Very nice! What kind of tea are you drinking? I guess I should say, "were you drinking?"

      Thank you.