Monday, January 16, 2017

Model Monday: Melody #3

The Birthday Girl

Saturday (January 14) was my birthday. The weather was not conducive for a photo shoot; however, Sunday was awesome! Maybe a little chilly, but sunny! It was fun to get out in the sun and still find a little of the snow from Saturday. Take notice of when the sun got lower in the sky. Plus there is one where we used flash so you could see the ice on the tree. It kind of sparkles.

[Xyra note: Melody is an American Girl of Today circa 2000. So she turned 17 this year.]

The Shoot

Did you see the ice on the tree? Which photo is your favorite?

The Outfit

Sweater: Handmade by Lady Vanyer
Tee shirt: Birthday Girl Outfit (aka Birthday Girl Dress AG retired)
Skirt: Craft show find
Tights: AG Tights Set (AG retired)
Boots:  OG Bows of Fun (retired)

What's your favorite item in the outfit?

Best wishes,


  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad the weather cooperated for a shoot.

    I like Lady Vanyer's sweater, and how nicely the OG boots coordinate!

  2. Happy Birthday Melody! My favorite item is the sweater, Lady V does such nice work.

  3. Happy birthday! I love this outfit!

    Yesterday was much nicer for a little while then Brrr all over again!

  4. Happy Birthday Melody! I hope you had a super groovy day!

    *From Sharry:*

    My Melody doll is a AGOT #20 (retired) so I guess she's the same age as your Melody!

    1. Thank you! It was nice!

      Sharry, Neat! I bet they are! Her box reads GT12E. Way back when there was only one wig style. :-)