Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year in Review

What We Did

You know, I wish we could get our stats by the year? I can find: Now, Day, Week, Month, All Time.
That would be nice.
Oh, hey! We've had page views from Poland, Russia, Germany, Canada, France, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and China.
What? No US?
Of course, the most came from the US.
Cool. Does that show referring sites?
Yes! The Adventures of Steampunk Addie, Create with Joy, and Lissie and Lilly. Just remember this is only from last month. I'm certain there were others over the year.
I'll add Mommy's Doll Club and Say Hello to My Little Friends to that list.
You bet! (laughing)
What's so funny?
The Search Words stats list "The Bessemer Roller Pump."
(laughing) Wow! How did we do with posts?
Hmmm, only 173 in 2016. That's 90 less than 2015. Looks like March was the best month with 26 and September had the least with only 6.
The most posts fall under the heading of miscellaneous. Then we did 9 book reviews, 9 tea reviews, and 9 Model Monday. Following closely behind was the new post series, Wednesday Wonders, with 6.
Wednesday Wonders was a fun addition. What else was new in 2016?
Well, we have a new sister and 3 new pets. [Xyra aside: only Lea's cat was introduced. We also have Steps High (thank you for finding her, Nonna!) and Sombrita.]

What We Plan for 2017

Only 9 tea reviews is very sad.
So true, however, we have at least 20 waiting thanks to Melody's trip to the Coffee and Tea Festival Philly.
Cool. That can be one a week for just under half the year. Or we can do one every other week.
Love that idea!
I think we need to get the minis more involved this year too.
Sounds good.
And the calendar builds will have their own special post title.
What about Month Year - The Build?
Why don't we reverse that?
Okay. The Build: Month Year. We also have to update the blog pages.
What about our layout?
No, I think we should keep that. The purple represents Melody well and we gave our colors to other aspects. It's easy to navigate and read. I would like to add a little favicon, but have to do more research on it.

Was there something you missed in 2016? What is your favorite of our post series?

Ever Thankful

2016 was an interesting year with many time management challenges. My hope for 2017 is to learn and grow from last year so I can give you - our dear followers, friends, readers - more reason to stop by and share our posts. You can find us here, on Google+ (Melody Silverleaf), and on Facebook (Tea Time with Melody Q). Thank you very much for your support.

So glad you stopped by. See you again soon. Warm wishes!


  1. Sounds like a really good plan for 2017! I wish you all the best for the coming year! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Thank you! Wishing the same to you and your crew. :)

  2. The girls and boys at Nonna's Dollhouse would like to invite the dollies at TTWMQ over for a tea tasting party too! We'll have to pick a date! Nonna needs a little time for crafting first...