Thursday, April 28, 2016

With Sympathy

To the Entertainment World

And all the lives touched by an entertainer's talent.

In His Memory We Wear Purple

It is never too late to express and share condolences. We are late with this and our efforts in this tribute aren't nearly as good as those from earlier this year. So many songs missing from our clouds.
But with heavy hearts we have remained in a purple mood ever since last Thursday when we heard Prince died.
It was a very sad day and we texted Sister Stereo right away as she is a HUGE fan of his work. When she shared her love, Xyra became a bigger fan too. 

We've been tuning in to Sirius XM station 50 now and then. It has been Prince music only (written or performed) since last week. A great legacy to leave. 

We send love and prayers and sympathy to Prince's family and friends and to the fandom.

Much love and sympathy to the world,

PS. We've updated our Book Review post to reflect the April 2016 Kid Lit Blog Hop.


  1. We were very sad to hear of his passing here as well, he was such a talented man. We've lost a lot of celebs already this year, but this one actually made me cry. Great tribute, my girls had talked about doing one as well but it was just too difficult.

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    RIP Prince.

  3. Sigh, we have lost some amazing talent in the past several months. RIP