Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Gardening 2016

Surveying the Grounds

Ha! Grounds makes it sound like we live on a country estate. Nope. 

Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Lea, 2 or more, pups

The weather is finally nice enough to uncover the gardens.
Are you sure?
Yes. In fact, we might be a little late judging by how big the sedum is already.
Oh. Okay.
I think we should split up and tackle more at one time.
Sounds good to me.

Dividing the Tasks

Lea and Kaya, you work over here with the leaves. I think the two of you will be great at this. I'm going over to clear leaves by the boulder. Kirsten, organize the potted plants and we'll help you finish those off later.
Sounds good!
Where are Grace, Haley, and Melody?
Working on a language arts presentation.


There are a lot of leaves.
Yeah. Glad we're working together. Will make it go faster.
What do you think, Tatlo? You going to help too?

Hostas can Breathe

Well, Tris, I've got some leaves to clear here and old stems to get rid of too. Let's get busy.
Arf. (tail wagging)

"The Potting Shed" Sort Of

Let's see, Lena. I've got the tools ready, potting soil, and watering cans. Looks like everything is ready for when the others are done. Shall we go for a walk?
Yip! (panting, tail wagging)

Working Together

Done! We're ready to help.
Kirsten, you start separating the soil. Lea, you'll add the seeds. Kaya, you can make the stake tags. I'll try to keep the pups occupied. (laughing)
We've got flowers, herbs, and fruit. What's first?

Let's start with the petunia.
Okay. This is a lot of soil. Is it too much, Lea?
(chatting, giggling, some singing, pots passing down the line)
Whew! Done.
Seven different pots, filled, planted, watered, and tagged.
We spilled a little. (laughing)
Yeah. But the water will dry on its own.
Hey, that one tag...(giggles)
I know. (giggles) I did that on purpose. Had to add spice with the herbs. (laughing)
[Can you see what Kaya did?]

Cleaning Up

Kaya, this area looks great. You can see the fern sprouts now.
And the hostas look happier. Four hands made the job easy.

Those yellow tulips are beautiful.
Yeah, they have the ruffles. Or are doubles. I forget how that works.
The hostas look happier over here too.
Love my hosta!

Well, girls, it looks like it is up to us to move the pots into a sunny spot.
Good thing we have the wheelbarrow.
This will be perfect. (giggles) 
Lena, you're not supposed to be in the wheelbarrow. (hops down)
Done! (laughing) Oh, Tris! You really shouldn't be in there.


  • All "growing kit" pots were found in the Target One Spot section.
  • Lanie's gloves, the trowel, cultivator, anvil pruner, gnome, potting soil and blue watering can are from the Our Generation Way to Grow set.
  • Wheelbarrow, spade, and pink watering can from The Queen's Treasures (retired).
  • A huge thank you to my/our followers! Creating this post was fun and educational. I finally found out the name and purpose for a mystery tool in the garage. It's an action or  stirrup hoe! Should make weeding easier now. :-D

Do you like to garden? Do you prefer flowers or vegetables?

See you again soon! So glad you stopped! Have a nice day! Tchau!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Our Generation, The Queen's Treasures, or Target. All items used in creating this post are from our collection. Any links provided are for educational and informational purposes only; no purchase is required or suggested.

Ps. Not sure what is going on with the spacing today. The draft looks fine. :-D 


  1. I don't have a preference, I just like growing things. Your post reminded me I need to go get flower seeds, or plants. Can't wait to see how yours do!

    1. The wind picked up yesterday and there was a slight catastrophe with our fruits and herbs. Luckily the tomato and strawberry pots stayed intact. The parsley and cilantro weren't as lucky. Thankfully we have more seeds to start over. Or the lost seeds may take root where they fell; that would be fun. :-D

  2. This is so cute. I am totally bereft of a green thumb, but I love seeing other peoples' gardens!

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

    1. :-D Lanie and Lea are the only ones with green thumbs in this family. Xyra loves hosta, sedum, and other perennials because they don't need too much help - just thinning now and then. All of us really appreciate the efforts of those that have the talent for gardening.

  3. Hi! This post is adorable! I am excited to get our garden in gear too. We usually plant perennials but this year we are going to start over and plant a whole lot of annuals. :)

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com

    1. We want to add some annuals this year. The place we get ours only just opened for the season. You could keep your favorite perennials and add in the annuals. Less work next year. :-D