Friday, April 1, 2016

Mini Adventure #18

New Furniture!

LORI Urban Living

Living Room Lounge Set

Felicty, Holly, Rebecca, Tama, 2 or more, Blue, Visitor 2

Arrival and Unpacking

Hey, Bec! Look what arrived!
That's a big box!
Looks like new furniture.
Cool! I didn't know we were getting any. What kind?
The packing slip says Living Room Lounge Set. Includes: 1 sofa, 1 pouffe, 1 table, 1 rug, and 2 pillows.
That's awesome! Let's open it.
Do you think we can move it ourselves?
(box cutter runs across seals, furniture is pulled from box, tape removed, furniture dragged into place)
Oh, I like this pouffe.
The sofa is nice too.
Check out the tag on this pillow!
It's a monster.
Good thing we own this and can legally remove the tags. (giggles)
(scissor snipping)
Much better!
Holly! Felicity! Come check out the new furniture!
We're coming!
This is great!
I'm glad there are pillows; the sofa isn't big enough for all of us. (laughing)

Second Set Up

The sofa is comfy, but I kind of wish the back was higher.
True. There is still only room for two too.
Hey, look neighbors are dropping by!
Hiya! Long time no see!
Nice to see you Blue. Come have a seat or stand.
I like the pouffe. Makes me taller. (giggles)
I love what you've done to the place. Wish I could have a seat, but can't stay; have to run along.
Good seeing you both!

Meanwhile on the Patio

Wow! Is that a leopard?
No, it's a margay. I hope she stays outside.


I'm glad it's not too windy to be on the rooftop today.
Yeah, it's been really windy all week.
We have a nice view.

Nap Time

Looks like the margay did get inside!
I'm sorry kitty, but you have to move.
Ahh, she had the right idea.

Xyra's Notes

  • Great set! Kind of makes me want to get the loft
  • I love that the pouffe and one pillow match the patio set
  • Nice to have soft pillows.
  • The rug is soft and fluffy and the packing marks smooth out easily. It's furry like shag - would be fun for Julie Anne's doll house.
  • Scale for the sofa is off. It sits lower than the coffee table and pouffe. One doll can't even lie down on it properly.
  • The inner packaging makes a great background wall - would be better if they didn't put tape on both sides.
  • The mugs are Lego.

Which is your favorite piece? Feel free to ask questions too. :)

Best wishes,

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  1. This set looks so cute! The Margay's so funny :)

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

    1. Thanks! I thought it would be funny if the minis got interrupted like the girls sometimes are. :)

  2. What were they thinking with that sofa?

    1. Perhaps 60s sunken lounge? Otherwise not sure. :-D

  3. Tama is so pretty! I would love a doll like her someday. I think she looks like me!

    I think the furniture looks too small for the dolls, but it's cute if you aren't picky like me. ;)


    1. Tama is adorable. She's our favorite of the LORI dolls.

      The pouffe is the right scale for the dolls, but not for the sofa and coffee table. LOL What are you going to do. Perhaps the designers worked for Ganz on Webkinz world first. The scale there is wonky too. LOL