Monday, March 30, 2015

Night on the Town

Off to the Movies

Haley, Kirsten, Lanie, 2 or more, Xyra

Hey, Lanie! Where are you going all dressed up?
The movies! I'm going to see Cinderella!
You look just like Cinderella!
Thank you.
Who is going?
Xyra and I are meeting her friend Lady Apple in a bit and I can't find my mittens. Have you seen the blue mittens? They go better with the red cloak.
The scarf is over here with the cloak.
I don't think I'll need that, but the mittens...
Oh, they're here on the table.
Thank you! See you soon!
Have fun!
Don't lose your shoes! (giggling)

The Grand

This is so cool! I can't wait! I love this poster. It's too bad it got a bit wet.
Getting my ticket.
Great seats! I have my popcorn and soda.
I stopped at the concession stand on the way out - it was too full to get pictures before the movie. 

I love how they have the brass register and soda fountain. Looks like I was dancing a lot too. Huh?

Movie Review


Oh. My. Goodness! What an exciting night! Not only did we see Cinderella, but also Frozen Fever! Both were great!

Ella's mom and dad and house were beautiful. It was so sad how she ended up with a devious stepmother and two very odd step sisters. I learned three great things tonight: "have courage and be kind" and "believe." Loved the captain. The grand duke not so much. The king was a great dad. Fairy Godmother was FABULOUS! She really does know how to do shoes. And the gown! Who could forget the gown! All those puffy layers floating around during the dance...*sighs* A really good movie! I highly suggest it to all!


Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess movie. I remember seeing it at Disney World when I was little. Jacques and Gus Gus are ever my favorites! Was Jacques female counterpart Jacqueline? I can't remember that. I do miss the little clothes on the animals, but this was really nice. One problem - the average lifespan of a mouse is 2 years (I've had many as pets). These lived so long with Ella that I started to think they were really animagi like Scabbers.

I think I've seen almost every incarnation of Cinderella that has been made. A live action of the original Disney movie was a new twist. Very well adapted. It kept all the love and challenge and obstacles and hope and comedy. A few twists, but nothing outrageous (except the long lived mice). Some very touching additions. 

Cate Blanchett was superbly evil/conniving/devious as the step mother. The stepsisters were not ugly in their outward appearance (looked like residents of The Capitol, if you get my drift, as did their mother), but were pretty darn ugly on the inside and they let it show. Thankfully this prince was charming and sincere. Richard Madden's eye are captivating. Helena Bonham Carter is wonderful as the fairy godmother. Perfectly cast!

There was not a bad moment in the movie. Some outstanding scenes included meeting the prince, going to the ball, escaping at midnight, the shoe fitting, and...have to keep somethings "secret." The theater erupted in applause at the end.

Movie Going Notes

  • Don't touch or take anything that is not yours.
  • Leave lighted footwear at home.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Whisper if you must comment to your friends.
  • At the end, if someone behind you is still seated, they are trying to watch the credits. Move to the side, so they can see.

Do you like to go to the movies? What do you get at the concession stand? Have you seen this Cinderella?

Best wishes,


  1. My granddaughter and I went to see it together and loved every minute. I got tiaras for both her and her doll. We made doll popcorn by gluing cottonballs in an empty fruit cup and a doll beverage out of a mini solo cup filled with pink plastic wrap that we wadded up and glued inside with a straw. She and her doll enjoyed being princesses for the afternoon!

    1. Nice! Sounds like a great afternoon.
      I really like the mini solo cups. We have a few of them.

  2. I can't wait to see Cinderella!

    1. It has been so successful in our town that it has been held over for another week! I hope you get to see it soon. :)