Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day Part 2

Lucky Doll Finds

Dollar Tree

If you are lucky enough to have a Dollar Tree dollar store near you, then you must check it out seasonally for great doll finds.

[Note: These aren't the greatest photos in the world because I wanted you to see the lamps working. The flash would have washed it out.]


Everyone needs light! You can find great lamps at Dollar Tree. Our most recent lighting fixture is this Solar Table Lamp. It makes a wonderful floor lamp. This was found in the gardening section. 

Also in the gardening section are these smaller glow in the dark lights. The shade absorbs the light and glows. There are three colors available: aqua (we have 2), red, and yellow. These are perfect table lamps. We picked up these in the fall, but saw more when we found the floor lamp.
I found this great desk lamp in one of the aisles. This we picked up shortly after reading about and seeing one in another blog (I'm fairly certain it was a Madelon find). 


"Jenga" anyone? Well, Tumble Tower. We picked this up when we found the desk lamp. It was in the toy aisle.
Speaking of the toy aisle...if you like skateboarding there is a very nice selection of boards at Dollar Tree. There were even some scaled for minis!

What do you think of our finds?



  1. Dollar Tree is such a great place for doll sized finds, I have all of these! Although I was a bit disappointed in the glow in the dark lights, they don't put out much, but they are very realistic looking if you just want the appearance of a table lamp.

    1. I want to go back fr another solar light. They are pretty bright.

      I know what you mean about the glow in the dark ones - but there is enough light for telling spooky stories during a slumber party. ;-)