Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fashion Review: Period Ensemble

Civil War Era Outfit

Melody, Xyra

Walking Suit

Lady Vanyer told us about a lovely Civil War era outfit that recently arrived at ArtFusion 19464. When we saw the pictures she took we told her to put a sold sign on it. This custom outfit was made by Virginia Gaudiello, one of the contributing artists for ArtFusion 19464
We did a little searching and found it is a walking suit. The complete suit includes: pantaloons, dress, jacket, and hat. We finished it off with items in our wardrobe (socks and shoes).
The dress is a light brown calico material with a darker, russet floral pattern. 
Wow, my photographer wasn't paying attention on this one.
Well, I'm all askew.
Yes, but it was only 2 degrees out when we took these pictures.
True. Anyway, the dress detail includes white, lace edging; a brown sash; and sunflower buttons. The back is complete with the same detailing. 
Three faux buttons mark the closure - really there are three snaps under the buttons. No snaggy velcro, YAY!

The jacket is a super fine wale, tan corduroy. Check out the puff, bell sleeves and seaming details.
It is fully lined in dark brown.
The bonnet is made of the same corduroy fabric as the jacket
and lined with the same calico as the dress with a lace ruffle and tan ribbon tie.
Underneath, the pantaloons are white cotton edged with white lace.
Here are the 4 pieces together.
Closer look at the snaps and details.

Virginia is the same artist who made our kimono, Santa Lucia outfit, Scottish kilt outfit, and bulky multi-colored sweater. She has many designs on display and available for purchase at the gallery. Party dresses, pajamas, and international outfits. Her prices are great too. This walking suit was $20. 

Kaya told me that she and Xyra saw Lady Vanyer has added some things to this section of the gallery. Hat and scarf sets and a really pretty sweater.

If you're in the Pottstown, PA area be sure to stop in at ArtFusion 19464 to check out what is available. You may find something for you, your mom, your dad, and your 18" friend all in one stop.

Xyra's Additional Notes

  • If you're local check out the classes offered. When Kaya and I were there last we saw a class make interpretations of dream catchers and work on paper mache gurgles - I mean gargoyles. 
  • I would very much like to get Addy's crinoline and chemise for under this dress; however, that set is $4 more than the entire outfit (plus shipping and tax). So we'll do without for now.
  • We used Josefina's gold socks and the shoes from Addy's Plaid Summer outfit. They matched perfectly.
  • There could be some fun and easy ways to steampunk this outfit with a different belt and hat. Oh, and goggles! We'll need to consult Steampunk Addie on this.

Isn't this a great outfit? What is your favorite piece?

Best wishes,



  1. Love the outfit! My favorite piece would have to be the dress, but the jacket comes in close second. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Your girls would look very nice in a dress like this. :)

  2. That is really pretty, I can see why you had to have it!

  3. My favorite part is the bonnet with the matching calico lining. Swoon!
    Jen @ DollsBetweenUs

    1. I know, the bonnet is perfect. Reminds me of the ones the ladies wore in the Blue and the Grey and North and South.