Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Like Spring


And Melting Snow

Haley, Kaya, Melody, 2 or more
Ah, this is more like it.
Yeah, I'm loving the sunshine.
No jacket required. Nice!

Out Back

Check it out!
Tracks in the melting snow. 
Really cool!
What kind do you think?
There are more over here...pretty sure they are bird tracks.
Now that we can see the bird feeder again, maybe we should start filling it.
Yeah, sounds like a plan.

Do you feed the birds at your house? What kind of feeders and seed do you put out?

Best wishes,


  1. It was snowing a little here this morning, but the sun was beautiful! We can't have bird feeders here because my landlord, who lives downstairs, says it makes a mess, but I throw bread, fruit, and small seed (sunflower shells would leave evidence) out onto a small section of roof underneath my livingroom window. The landlord is clueless about it! :)

    1. I may have to move ours if I do start feeding's too close to the hot tub.

  2. The snow here is totally melted, the only place you see much is in parking lots where they had it piled high.

    We have had bird feeders, we don't at the moment because the neighbor behind us feeds the squirrels and they were wiping out our seed too fast. We liked to put millet and thistle seed in ours to attract goldfinches and a peanut/sunflower mix for cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers. I love watching the birds, especially the goldfinches, they look so ratty here when they first start feeding.

    1. We are similar. The larger plow piles remain, but the ground is basically clear...and muddy.

      Our kitties are having a grand time looking out our one window into a pine tree - I'm sure they are watching the birds. I like watching them too.