Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Coolspring June 2019 Days 1 and 2

Coolspring Power Museum

June Expo and Flea Market

Hi! Lanie mentioned I'd be taking over for the rest of the week retelling my latest adventure to the Coolspring Power Museum. The only trouble with rotating visits is that it could be years until you get to go back. Last time I was there was October of 2016! On the upside, I really get to see how the museum has changed and how it looks during a different season. 

Day One: Road Trip

One of the good things about travelling in June-the sun is up early too. Last time I went it was still dark when we pulled out. We were a bit late. Franz wanted to leave at 6 and it was closer to 7. We also took a different route. A stop in Carlisle, PA to pick up an engine and another stop in Bedford to pick up parts from Master Taylor's house. Then we stopped at Sheetz near Altoona to get lunch and headed on through Punxsutawney to Coolspring and the power museum.

The first thing we did was to stake out our tent spot. Xyra had a headache so after filling the cooler she took a walk to clear her head. In the flea market she found the perfect cooler cover! When she got back it was time to set up the tents.

We put the big tent up first and then mine. Tris made herself comfy right away. I had a sleeping bag for her, a light one for me and the heavy one as back up. You never know what kind of weather you'll get!

Of course, I had to try out my spot. Almost fell asleep too, but Tris nudged me and told me it was time for a walk.

Off we went!
It was getting cool so I stopped at the truck to grab my sweatshirt and change my shoes

One of the first things we noticed was a new engine in pieces outside the Power Tech building. It's big! Not as big as the Snow, but still way bigger than we are.

From there we headed down between the buildings to see the field and flea market. Both sections were really full!

Our home for the week.

I love lights. These aren't the really cool lights. Xyra couldn't find the ones with the remote, so she packed the back up lights. They work well, just no dimmer.

Day Two

Day two was really, really wet. Spent most of the day in the Power Tech Annex with the Hvids. Tried to get a picture we could call Iron Rain, but rain can be hard to photograph. These are a few of the engines that were running.

Xyra volunteered to work a shift at the entrance gate. She had fun and met a lot of people.

Dinner was a potluck in the F.E.H. or Friends building. Xyra's banana sour-cream cake was a hit.

More tomorrow. Do you have any questions about the engines? Do you have a favorite photo? What time do you usually leave for a road trip? Do you like tent camping?

À bientôt!



  1. Dear Grace, it looks like you had so much fun! You were so close to me in Carlisle. You will have to make a stop in Central PA next year. We have a great doll museum in Harrisburg, Hershey has a wonderful amusement park, Lancaster has Amish culture.
    My favorite photo is of you walking Tris.
    Regards from Ms. Dorothy

    1. Hi, Ms. Dorothy!
      We're located NW of Philly and happily familiar with the Lancaster (heading to Kinzers this weekend), Hershey (have you been to the new AG outlet yet?), and Harrisburg (Lanie has stayed at the Bridgeview B&B in Maryville). Fabulous places all. However, we have not been to the doll museum in Harrisburg yet. We saw a great concert at the art center last year. PA is a wonderful state!

  2. Dear Xyra, hello. I just use "Ms. Dorothy" when I am talking to dolls because I kind of think of them as children and in the doll clubs to which I belong we are always "aunties" to our friends' dolls. I realize that probably sounds strange on a blog site but that is why. Sorry about that.

    Yes, I have been to the AG Outlet in Hershey. It has really good prices but a very limited selection. I got a table and chair set for $25! I got two outfits for about $14.

    The Doll Museum is a wonderful place to visit. There must be at least 3,000. The local doll club goes there twice a year. The gift shop is nice also. She has inexpensive dolls as well as collector dolls. I always find something when I go there.

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures.

    Regards, Dorothy

    1. I love that you use Ms. Dorothy. It's fun! And yes, completely agree "aunties" or similar. :-D

      Yes, that is what we've found at the outlet too. Some regular priced items mixed in. I got Grace's sweatshirt the last time I was there and a few other wardrobe pieces. The table and chair set you got was a great find/price.

      I'll definitely have to look into the doll museum; sounds like a great place!

      Thank you so very much for being a regular and commenting! I always smile when I see your name in the comments inbox. <3

  3. Dear Xyra, you are welcome. I think it's important to support the doll community. I have done theater so I know how important it is to have an audience.

    I will be heading to the Madame Alexander Doll Club Convention this weekend so I will be away for a few days. I won't have access to the internet unless I use one in the hotel. My phone is intelligent but it's not Smart (laugh) so I can't use it.

    I will check in when I return. I can't wait to read more about your adventures!

    1. I hope you have a great time at the Madame Alexander Doll Club Convention!