Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Book Review: Humphrey #5

Adventure According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney

Grace, Lanie, both

Hey, Grace have you seen...oh! Yep, you have Fluffles and Trixie.
(giggles) Yep. I thought we come out and enjoy the sunshine.
Are you reading to them?
And they are staying still.
What are you reading?
Adventure According to Humphrey.
Well, that explains it. (giggles) They like hearing about another hamster. Do you mind if I listen too? I want to hold Fluffles.
Have a seat.
[Continues reading aloud.]
That was fun!
Yeah, I like the Humphrey series books. This one has such a cute cover.
What's the blurb say, again?

"Humphrey's life is already full of fabulous adventures, like riding on Art's train set, exploring the classroom in his hamster ball, and even fighting off a curious dog with a rubber band. When his friends in Room 26 start studying the ocean and boats, Humphrey dreams of sailing the high seas. Rippling blue waters! Wind in his fur! Searching for buried treasure!
Then his class builds miniature boats to sail on Potter's Pond, and Humphrey thinks his dream might come true. But trouble between Kirk and Richie puts their boat and Humphrey in unspeakable danger. Will Humphrey survive his most fur raising adventure yet?"
That's cool!
There aren't a lot of illustrations, but you'll find a couple. There was a hamster in the chapter title here.
A clue illustration here.
And each chapter ends with a script quote.
Those add a bit of frosting to the story. Humphrey is such a great class pet. I love his stories.
Yeah, and they are complete stories so you don't have to read in order. 
So true. The kids in class...I love the nicknames Humphrey gives them.
(giggles) Yes, very imaginative! And accurate. They remind me of some kids in my class.
Mine too.
Do we have more of these to read?
I'm not sure. If we don't we can find them in the library.
[Dark clouds rolling in.]
It's time to take Fluffles and Trixie back inside. I have them can you grab the book?
Sure thing.

Disclaimer: Fluffles and Triixe are extremely well behaved hamsters; extraordinarily so. Do not take your hamster outside without some sort of enclosure or safety device (hamster ball, pen, cage, harness and lead).

Xyra's Review
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I LOVE Humphrey! He's adorable and has great adventures.

This is a fun read for adults and young readers who like animal stories. Humphrey is a classroom hamster. He is unique among hamsters and adorable. He's also quite skilled.

The lessons learned over the course of the story are quite nice. In this installment two different lessons are learned; one by a student and the other by a parent. Perhaps a third depending on how you view the ending.

Betty Birney has a lovely writing style that clearly gets the reader immersed in the story. We can create a great mental vision of Humphrey and his antics in class.

I really enjoyed this book and have read a few others in the series. They stand alone nicely so you can read out of order. A good read.

Have you read the Humphrey series? If yes, which is your favorite?
Is there another series that features an animal as the main character? What is that series and what type of animal?

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  1. I LOVE THOSE BOOKS! They are my 3rd favorite!
    ~Mary Elizabeth

    1. Hi, Mary Elizabeth! These books are so much fun! They are moving up on our favorite list too!