Friday, June 21, 2019

Coolspring June 2019 Day 3B

Coolspring Power Museum

Hi! Welcome back! Yesterday I got to tell you about searching out Phantastic Phil statues in Punxsutawney and mentioned that Fiona had brought Izzy with her to the museum meet up. Today's installment is my telling of Izzy's and Luci's exploration of the museum. Fiona may have an entirely different story! (giggles) She's cool like that!

Mini Adventure #23: Exploring a Giant World

Luci, Izzy, both

Climbing Up Up Up
Look at those stairs!
We can do it, no problem.
Um, well, this might be harder than I thought.
Need a boost?
Here! Take my hand!

Got it!
Great! Whew!
(high five-ing each other)
Only about a hundred to go.
Better keep going.
[They make their way up the stairs; cue Rocky theme]
Yay! We Made it! Woo hoo! Yeah!

Hey, what's...
Oh, look ice cream! Looks yummy!
Kind of hard to reach.
Yeah. At least you have a smaller cup. Looks like mine is a large. (tasting) Mmmm, peach!
Nice! I think mine is chocolate and...(tasting) oh, salted caramel pretzel!

Let's keep exploring. There are some cool things around here.
Yeah! Let's go!
A locked box. I wonder what will happen if I turn the key?
Yeah, that's not going to happen. Will stay a mystery. (giggles)
Check out this wrench.
(laughing) Looks super heavy!
Yeah, I'm not even going to try to lift it.

I think that is one of the giants who works on this engine. 
This photo is the perfect size for us.
Wonder what these do?
Not sure. Just looks like a big puzzle to me.
I guess when they were restoring the engine it was a big puzzle to the engineers too.
That's true!
Hey! Don't turn the page! I'm still up here looking at this picture.
No worries! It's too unwieldy. Need both of us to turn the page.
(humming) Everything looks nice and tight.
The oiler needs to be filled.

Wow! That was an adventure! I'm thirsty; how about you?
Looks like we have red cream soda, lemon soda...
Oh, right, I mean pop. We also have water.
I'll have a water.
Cool. I'm going for the red cream soda; haven't had one in a long time!
Is it good?
Yes, really tasty.
To eat we have hamburgers, popcorn, s'mores, bread and jam.
That sounds great! Put it all out.
Yum! A feast after an adventure is perfect.
Exploring with you is fun.
Yeah! You too. I hope we can do it again some time soon.

I don't have a fabulous finale for the mini adventure. Luci and Izzy became fast friends. I hope you liked their little story. I'll finish up my time at Coolspring on Monday!

À bientôt!

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