Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What's What Wednesday 5

Tea Gifts

Hello! Melody here and I'm ready to talk tea gifts with you.
Do you know someone who loves tea? Do you need a gift for someone and aren't quite sure what to get them? This is where the tea gift is valuable. These are some basic ideas.
Here you can see a lovely tea bag or sachet or infuser holder, a porcelain teaspoon, and (giggles) tea.

These lovely holders keep liquid from draining all over the counter or table. Some come nicely packaged like this one. 
It's smaller than the Paddy Bear one, but still a great gift.
If you know for sure the person uses loose leaf tea, a cute infuser would be a great gift.
Lady Marvin collects unique infusers...I wonder if she has one like this. We talked about infusers back in 2013 and 2015. The squirrel makes me laugh. 
I love how the back give you instructions on how to use it. If you have thicker mugs like those from Longaberger, he won't work for you.

The gift of tea is really nice too. Nonna and Xyra regularly share or trade teas. You could share a basic black. (giggles) An LBT instead of a LBD. You know little black dress...little black tea. Or share your favorite or a unique blend like this peach rooibus herbal from Wegmans.
That's what I have in the line of tea gifts today. Of course, you can make a great little gift basket combining all of these ideas just add a cup or mug and some honey or scones.
Which is your favorite? If you gifted a tea, what blend would you give?

Oh, I almost forgot! I have a great new bow! Check it out! 
It's from Gingersnaps Bows
It's an Ava in solid black. 
Side note, I was looking to the right while Xyra took the bow photos. It's really not off center. (giggles)

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Yorkshire Tea, Wegmans, or Gingersnaps Bows. All items mentioned in the post were gifted to us. Links are provided for educational purposes. No purchase is suggested or required to enjoy the post; however, links will point you in the right direction if you are interested. TTwMQ does not receive funding for links clicked.



  1. I forgot to offer you some Harney Paris. Next week!

    1. Thank you. I believe we still have some Harney Paris in our tin. It's a good one. Grace loves it. ;-)

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  3. Hello Melody, thank you for the tea gift ideas. I will be giving gifts to members of my doll club next year for a project I am chairing. I had not thought of tea gifts.

    Hello Xyra, I love Harney Paris tea! I also like a tea called Stardust. It is distributed by the East India Tea Company here in PA.

    1. Hi! Oh, that sounds wonderful! Glad we could help.

      We are checking out that tea website! Thank you!