Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Game Day with Grace

Word Games


Hi! My sisters and I love to play games. Unfortunately, they all have homework today and I finished mine early. Instead of waiting, I thought I'd ask you to play.
Lady Grey gave us Boggle for Christmas. It's awesome! You shake up the cube and get all the letter dice to settle into place. Then you get three minutes to make as many 3 or more letter words you can. The catch is the letters have to be touching and you can't double back on a letter to use it a second time. For instance in this test cube I can make: tea, way, tax, wet, met, teat, ace, wax, waxy, way, watt. Yeah, I lean on those 3-letter words. After time runs out, you compare lists and cross off duplicates.
So if you'd be interested in playing, I suggest the following adjustments: no time limit, leave your list in the comments. Spelling does count. Ems are underlined (M) double-us are not (W). Are you ready? Here is our actual game cube. 
I've already found a few words. 
Have you found the same words I did? Did you find anything unique? Looking forward to your comments.

À bientôt!


  1. This is tricky especially if you are timed. My words: xmas, clef, dust, mace, same, meal, turd! Hope you get more answers. I quit when it was about 3 minutes and I was tired of trying to figure out more words!

    1. Hi! Thank you for playing! You have a very nice list. Sadly dust, mace, and meal do not count because the letters have to be touching; no jumping over.

  2. Dear Grace, okay, here are my words:
    came, darts, dust, flame, meal, rut, sad, sax.
    I have not played this game before so I might have gotten things mixed up. I am sure you found way more words.
    Hugs from Ms. Dorothy

    1. Hi, Dorothy in PA! Thank you for playing! You came up with a good list. Unfortunately we didn't change the "letters must touch rule" so came, darts, sad, flame, and dust don't count. If we were playing Perquakey you'd have 3400 points. :-)