Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Build: March 2019

Third Month of the Year

Seeing Green

Hi, all! Kaya on the beat today revealing our latest calendar. This was a tricky one. We started out with one idea, then realized we didn't quite have the mini figures for it. We shifted gears and I think it was good.
Now, let me preface this for all those who are very interested in mythical peoples, we did some research and while elves are neither fairies nor leprechauns the three peoples are somewhat related. So since we did not have any leprechaun mini figures we thought we'd feature the elves in this magical month.
The elves featured are Aira Windwhistler and Azari Firedancer. We also included Emily Jones.
Aira is over on the left with her pegasi, Starshine and Rufus. Rufus has the blue markings by his eyes while Starshine's marking are purple.
Or Rufus is on Aira's right and Starshine on her left.
On this side, Emily is talking with Azari while Fledge, the baby dragon, looks on. Fledge wants what Emily has in her had.
Lining the front is a rainbow. We figured you had to go over a rainbow to enter magical realms. You know, it could be one type of portal. 
The large green plants are super shamrocks. There is one just budding between Rufus' and Starshine's back hooves. 
The pineapple is too easy to find this time. Did you see it?
I think this is one of my favorites. 
So colorful and pretty. Reminds me spring is on the way even though today the wind chill is taking us to single digits. Final look.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of this month's calendar. What is your favorite part?

Happy March!

Thank you for stopping! See you again soon!

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