Friday, March 15, 2019

Mini Adventure #21: Luci Reveals

Answers to Questions

Stellar! My first post and it's an important one; I get to tell you some mars-a-licious info!

Grace's Boggle Word List

Grace searched and searched and came up with 15 words from the Boggle cube from the other day.
Oh, just in case the photo isn't clear: truce, clef, drum, turds, same, axe, axel, sax, sum, flex, curt, rut, rum, curds, mud.

If you didn't see her game day post, you can still check it out and play along. You just have to remember the letter dice have to touch but can go horizontal, vertical, diagonal, cube and you can't jump over letters. It's kind of like a word search, but not. (giggles)

Pi(e) Flavors

Yay! Yesterday was Pi Day! Some really good guesses were made about the pies; one guesser was half right. 
They're blueberry and cherry. Here's a closer look. 
Cetus lupetus, Pyewacket! Don't eat the pies!

That's it for my lunarious first solo adventure! Can't wait to venture out again!

Audentes fortuna juvat!


  1. Dear Luci, good job! I think the best part of your assignment was getting to eat the pies. Yum!