Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wonderful Surprises

Still Celebrating My Birthday

Hey, Coco! Look what Lady Dartia sent us! A copy of The Princess Bride. Fabulous! I love that movie!
(wagging tail) Yip.
There's even a movie companion to it!
(wagging, gently panting)
Now, I wonder what's in this one. I don't see a tag.
(laughing) This is Lady Vanyer! She's so awesome. Look at this new hat and scarf. Beautiful color!
But there's still more. (unwrapping tissue)
Another hat! With a pom pom! And it goes with the scarf too! What do you think? Cute?
(wagging, jumps up, gives kisses)
You're going to have to get down. Sorry girl.
Thank you, Lady Dartia! Thank you, Lady Vanyer!

Isn't wonderful when you can celebrate your birthday all month long?

Which is your favorite hat?

Best wishes,