Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017 Year in Review

A Very Interesting Year

Kaya, Lanie, both

Are you ready to tell everyone about Tea Time's 2017?
Sure. Took some doing going through our notes and the archive.
Yeah, I've been looking over the stats too.


  • We had 169 posts in 2017. March had the most with 19 and September the least with only 7.
  • Most of our pageviews were from the US, but we also had a lot from Russia, Germany, Canada, and France.
  • Our most popular posts were: Interesting Holiday on August 2, Holiday Prep C December 8, Call Out to Crafters May 9, and Cool-O-Ween 2 November 1.

Post Break Down

How should we do this? 
I think just a list or table.
Um, maybe not. I just did the math and our table comes up with 174 posts. (laughs)
(laughing) Okay. So this year you'll find the most miscellaneous adventures around 72 or so. (giggles) Followed closely by holiday and celebration posts around 19.
The cool part is we stuck to our resolution from last year and have 17 tea reviews! That's almost double from last year. Yay! (claps)
Of course, each month had a Lego build so that's 12. And tied at 7 posts each: book reviews and Model Monday. 
We completed 6 tags and had 5 Fun Friday posts.
You'll find 3 awards, fashion reviews, movie reviews, and What's What Wednesdays.
2 Meatloaf's Rail Adventures, memorials, minis, support, and Wednesday Wonders.
(singing sounds like "five gold rings") One Sipping Sunday! (laughs)

New Post Series/Topics

We started two new strings: Sipping Sunday and What's What Wednesday.
The plan is to slip these into a more regular rotation.
Speaking of rotation, looking at this list, I think we can really start planning a monthly rotation of some of the threads.
That's awesome.

More Thanks

A big THANK YOU to our readers. You inspire and motivate us!
Here's to 2017! 
And 2018!

Much love,


  1. More tea! I think we need another tea review day. I have three sitting on my counter waiting for you to try (if I don't drink them all up!).

    1. Our "to be reviewed" tea pile is almost as long as out "to be read" book pile. :-)

    2. We should arrange a date. :-)