Friday, February 2, 2018

Groundhog Day 2018

Did He See His Shadow?

Lanie Silverleaf here getting the skinny from our own version of Gobbler's Knob!
Sadly, that means I didn't get to bump into Ned Ryerson. (giggles) So here we go!

And Phil is out of his enclosure.
Has he seen his shadow? Yes!
He scampers back to his enclosure.
Yep, definitely back inside. Six more weeks of winter.
I didn't quite get it, but this picture was showing a bit of his shadow on the wall of his stump.
A grand day!

So the tradition goes - if he sees his shadow we will have six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't then spring comes early. The first day of spring is just a little over six weeks away, so the saying refers to how mild the next few weeks are going to be weather wise; cold and wintry or mild and springlike. Phil says we're going to get cold and wintry; I'm hoping not all like today. Brrrr!

Many times Xyra rants about all the lights around Phil giving him an unnatural shadow; however, we could definitely see natural shadows in our smaller festival. So all is well in Punxsutawney. If you want to see the official Phil, click this link for the CBS Pittsburgh news.

When I watched the video and Phil's twitching nose I could just hear him saying, "Okay, enough of this. It's too cold! Take me back to the library!" I know I was cold. Thank you, again, Lady Vanyer for the new hat and scarf. They're perfect!

See you again soon!


  1. It is cold! I read something that says Phil is wrong 60% of the time though...Still feels like winter.

    1. Just hoping we get regular, northeast winter; not those single digit temps.

  2. That darn Phil, I was hoping for an early spring!

  3. Oh no, not 6 more weeks of cold weather. ;) thanks for giving us the scoop, Lanie. Stay warm!


    1. Yeah, we're hoping we don't see more single and negative numbers here in PA. You stay warm too, Morgan!