Monday, February 5, 2018

Celebrate Good Times!

Super Bowl LII

Truly Super!

If you're a regular follower of our adventures, you know we live in Southeastern PA 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia.
Of course, we love our sports teams; all of them.
So you know we were glued to the TV for last night's game.
We took a group pose to show our support.
We definitely have to work on adding more green to our wardrobe. Kaya was the best dressed of us all. (giggles)
Even our pups got into the groove.
Well, we helped a little.
Nail biter to the end.
A great game! Good play by all.
Interesting plays too.
At the end we were cheering. Xyra was beside herself - not sure what to do.
She did do a happy dance.
2017 - 2018 The season Eagles fans don't have to say, "There's always next year."
So to our followers who are Patriots fans. We're sorry for your loss and thank you for a really good game. Everyone played full out the entire time.
To our followers who aren't sports fans; please indulge our moment of celebration. This doesn't happen often for us.
If you saw the game, but were really watching the commercials, did you have a favorite commercial? Which was it?

Woo Hoo Eagles!!!!

Best wishes to everyone!


  1. I am not a sports fan but I do watch the Super Bowl because it seems the American thing to do. :) Our snacks were yummy, the half-time show was fun, the underdogs won and the Dirty Dancing commercial with Odell and Eli was the absolute best! "I had the time of my life..."

  2. That was an excellent game! And I was rooting for Philly, New England doesn't need another Super Bowl win.

    1. It really was a great game. Thank you! All those positive vibes helped.

  3. Die hard Eagles fan here. I see where are both from outside Philadelphia. I was born and raised in Delaware County, about 35 Northeast. I am not really a sports fan but will always root for my hometown teams especially the underdogs. Not sure why but we always have a super bowl party which was Golumpki (stuffed cabbage rolls), potato salad and plenty of snacks.

    My grandson is the football fan and wow, does he know his teams. So him and I wagered a bet on who would win the play off and who would win the Super Bowl. Much to his dismay, the person who knows nothing about the game, won both bets. lol. I thought the halftime show was horrible....very disappointed and it seems many were. So now were are on to Hockey bets. Flyers!

    The only disappointment was the damage that Philly fans did after the Eagles won...disgraceful.

    1. Yes, very disappointing about the damage after the win. Even more disappointing is that was the focus of all media outlets and it's not just our fans that can act irresponsibly. :-(

      I can't believe he bet against the Eagles. LOL Yes, GO FLYERS!