Thursday, September 7, 2017

Meatloaf's Rail Adventures #4

Steam Into History

And Heritage Rail Trail

What did you do on Labor Day? Meatloaf got to ride the rails. If you happen to be in York County, PA and took advantage of the beautiful weather we had to ride or walk the Heritage Rail Trail from New Freedom, you may have seen him and Xyra and Franz.

Set On to Set Off

Early in the morning Meatloaf and his entourage left and headed to Reading to pick up Leg Lare and his motor car. The four arrived at the New Freedom train station around 9 AM and set their motorcars on the rails.

It's a really pretty station with a pretty gardens.
And a Little Free Library! Xyra picked out a great book for the day. We'll review it once everyone has had a chance to read it. I think Kirsten has it now.
Meatloaf was excited to go. 
As soon as the 10 cars were set on and the safety meeting completed, the group headed out.
The first stop was at the Hanover Junction Station.

Meatloaf and Xyra stretched their legs during this stop. 

Franz brought the newest car of the collection for it's first outing. It's a C&O, Cheseapeake & Ohio, car. It needed some adjustments along the way.
Soon they were off again. Headed to a crossing between Hyde and the courthouse.

The tunnel was really exciting.
The little string of cars made it to the turn around point then headed back to Seven Valleys for lunch. Meatloaf was ready to eat!
The lunch break was long enough for Franz and Leg Lare to make all the adjustments needed to their cars. 
Meatloaf explored the area.

Still adjusting.
By this time of day the trail was filled with cyclists and hikers. A lot of the bikes towed trailers with dogs or babies in them. 
The motion was made to mount up and everyone got back on the cars to head back to New Freedom.
Stopped again at Hanover Junction Station to use the restrooms. After that stop, Meatloaf settled into his safe spot for the rest of the ride.
At the end he hopped out and was stayed put while the cars were set off and loaded back onto the trailer.

Meatloaf was just as eager to head home as he was to head out in the morning. 

Which is your favorite photo? Do you have a rail trail near you? Have you hiked or biked it?

[Xyra note: Meatloaf is a-okay. He developed a rear leg limp that is common in bulldogs. He is not suffering. The purple band helps him like the tape athletes use with muscle injuries.] 

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  1. Meatloaf always looks like he is having such a good time on these outings! My favorite pic is the one after you went back to the truck for the ride home, looks like he is co-piloting!

  2. These photos of Meatloaf are so Cute, I would have to say the 5th picture is my favorite!! 😊

    1. That is a good one! Him being an inquisitive pup. :-) Thank you.