Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Monday

A Package, Woo Hoo!

Hey, Lea! Check out this package! Are we expecting anything?
Oh! I know what this is! So cool!
Help me get it inside.

Are you going to tell me what it is?
Didn't you see the return address? Our cake has arrived!
The one from Treasured Friendships with a Flair?
There's a note. Sassafras says there is tea in there too!
Four to try.
I think we should try the pink on first. (giggles)
Mel will love there is an Earl Grey. (giggles)
What's going on? Did I hear someone say, "Earl Grey" and "Cake"?
Yeah, our prize from Treasured Friendships arrived.
Looks fabulous!
Thank you, Sassafras!

Best wishes,


  1. Yay, I'm so glad the package came all right and that you like everything! I will post the photo you sent me on my blog sometimes soon. :)
    P.S. Your dolls look so cute carrying the package! :D