Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tea Review: Benner EB

Thirsty Thursday #24

Benner English Breakfast

Hi! Grace here. I'm taking a break from recipe research for a spot of tea. Oh, you'll notice the photos are a bit different. Sometimes I liked the ones with flash better than the ones without and vice versa. So I'm mixing it up!

Today we're looking at Benner English Breakfast Tea. 
Benner Tea Company is an Aldi brand. We love shopping at Aldi; if you have one nearby, check it out. Xyra says the prices are great and we have yet to be disappointed in anything we've tried. Xyra usually gets the 100 bag count box for work; the other day she saw they now had English Breakfast in a 20 count box and picked it up to try. The English Breakfast bags come in foil packets.
You'll find brewing instructions on the one side. Hmm, no ingredients. Well, English Breakfast blends traditionally combine Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya black teas. The mix makes a full-bodied flavor that stands up to lots of additions. Let's get to steeping.
While that steeps I'll get my cup...oh, Bon Bon! Be careful of the tea!
Yip! (turns and walks away)

[Timer beeps]

Done steeping! The English Breakfast has a lovely dark auburn color.
It smells good. Malty. 
First sip is plain. 
Yes, strong and malty. Would make a nice unsweetened iced tea, but hot I think it needs something. Let's try honey.
(sips) The honey is good. 
Makes it velvety. I'd do this if I had a sore throat. Let's see what happens if I add milk to the tea and honey.
(sips) Hmm, milk takes another edge off the tea meshing the sweet and robust malt together well. Time to try sugar in the raw or turbinado sugar.
So, the molasses remaining in the sugar combines well with the malt. Keeps it robust with a hint of sweet. What happens if I add milk. (sips) 
Creamy. Well blended. Easy to drink. Now for regular table sugar.
This is sweet before anything else. Maybe I added too much. Reminds me of "sweet tea" but hot. I wonder if milk will smooth the sweetness. (sips) 
It does, but sweet still hits me first.

Benner English Breakfast is supposed to be similar to Twinings or Bigelow English Breakfast, but less expensive. 
It's good, but not stellar. Definitely better than the regular Benner black tea in the 100 count box. We definitely won't take it back.

(giggles) Bon Bon, you're such a good pup!

Our weather is starting to feel like fall again. Good for hot tea all day long, but when isn't it? (giggles) I guess when it's in the 90s. (giggles) What is your favorite fall beverage?

À bientôt!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Aldi, or Benner Tea Company. The tea reviewed was purchased with our own funds for our collection. The review is unsolicited and comprised of our own honest opinions, thoughts, and words. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes only. No purchase is suggested or required to enjoy the post.

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