Monday, September 25, 2017

Manic Monday

Septembers are Interesting

Grace, Kaya, Lea, 2 or more

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
What's wrong, Lea?
I can't believe it! We've only posted four times this month! We didn't wish anyone a Happy Labor Day or tell our readers we are thinking and praying for Texas, Florida, Peurto Rico, the Caribbean, or Mexico. We're behind in reading and commenting...and you're just sitting there.
Whoa! Slow down. It's okay. Our regular readers know September is our slow month. In fact, September can be slow for many blogs with everyone getting back to a busy schedule and trying to budget time for all activities. Readers in the affected areas, have more to worry about than reading our blog, some don't even have electricity right now. Our prayers are reaching them.
And we aren't just sitting here. I'm researching the Goschenhoppen recipes to post and Kaya's trying to read and leave comments. Plus Kirsten posted her first Sipping Sunday yesterday.
Yes. Please don't worry. Have some watermelon.
We'll get back to a regular schedule soon. 
And catch up too.
We'll take turns.
Whew! Selfie time!

So glad you stopped! See you again soon!


  1. September is definitely a time where everyone finds themselves behind schedule! Hopefully by October we will all be "back to normal". Whatever normal is!

    1. Exactly! We tend to get back to normal then head out to Coolspring and get off kilter again. :-D

  2. September is a transition for most people from vacation to school. But now we have all the best Holidays to look forward to!