Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth 2017

Star Wars Day

Can you guess my favorite Star Wars character is Leia? (giggles) 
I'm here to wish you a happy Star Wars day!

Thirsty Thursday #20

Since it's a great day to celebrate and embrace the force, I thought I'd review a tea we received from Steampunk Addie and her mama.
It's green like Yoda. The tin is stunning. I love the artwork.
The leaves look nice and the aroma is mild.
Here you can see them in the teapot.
With green and white tea you don't want boiling water. It should be cooler. This tin doesn't have instructions, so I'm going with the general steeping instructions. If you find a loose green tea you want to try and it has instructions, follow those. They usually give the best taste.

We've added the water and are going to set the timer for 3 minutes. 
The leaves are creating a golden liquid already.

[Timer beeps]

Ooo, look! It's done and the leaves are open. 
The tea is a pretty greenish gold color like some cats' eyes.

I love the color. The aroma is really gentle. Remember the first sip is always plain. (sips)
Hmmm, very mild. Not grassy. Not bitter. 

I'm going to add a touch of bamboo honey to the tea. The honey deepened the color a bit. Can you see the difference? (sips) 
This is nice. I'd call it mellow. Perfect for meditating and listening for "the force." Just a touch of sweetness. Smoothed of some edges; definitely Jedi worthy.

Some people really don't like green tea and others love it.  
If you're not sure, "unlearn what you have learned" and give it a sip. In this case, there is a "try" then you will either "do or do not" like green tea. Thank you again, Addie and Mama, for the lovely tea!

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, who is your favorite character? And what is your favorite line or quote?

Thank you for stopping! Have a nice day!



  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    May the Fourth be w/ you too! Happy Star Wars Day. (sorry it's a day late but my PC was acting weird!

    1. Thank you! I understand those computer issues. :(

      Your greetings arrived before the "Sith" so all is well. ;-)