Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Wonders #8

Did Someone Say Dragons?

We like dragons. Well, most dragons! There are some that are not so nice. Not fond of those at all. Anyway, one of my favorite books is called Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. It's book one in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, and I wanted to recreate the cover for you.

The Shoot

I wasn't sure which angle I liked best. Let me know which you like better.

The Actual Cover

Looks like we took quite a few liberties here.
Can you count the differences? You may have to zoom in on the photo. Okay, don't count all of them; I started counting and think there are 100 or more! 

The Blurb

"'I want to do things...' Take one bored princess. Make her the seventh daughter in a very proper royal family. Have her run away. Add one powerful, fascinating, dangerous dragon. Princess Cimorene has never me anyone (or anything) like the dragon Kazul. But then, she's never met a witch, a jinn, a death-dealing talking bird, or a stone prince either. Princess Cimorene ran away to find some excitement. She's found plenty."


Do you like dragons? Do you have a favorite dragon? Let me know with a comment. 

Come back again. I'm going to post my review of the book as soon as possible!

À bientôt!


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