Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Review: Enchanted Forest Chronicles #1

Dealing with Dragons

by Patricia C Wrede


Xyra and Kaya picked up Dealing with Dragons at the local library used book sale. (giggles) In fact, we somehow ended up with two copies of this book. Different covers, of course! I have a feeling the back cover blurbs are slightly different too. I shared the blurb from this version yesterday, so not retyping; you can find it here.

We all enjoy reading. We have our favorite ways too. I have a favorite chair and usually have a great beverage and sometimes even a snack nearby. Today I'm having a cup of the Newman's Own tea; grab your favorite beverage, kick back, and enjoy the reviews.

The Review

My sisters said I could handle this one on my own, but told me to make sure I mentioned how we all liked reading this book. It was exciting and unique.
Cimorene is a unique princess. Hmmm, you know what, she kind of reminds me of prince Hugo in The Mage and The Magpie. She took her regular lessons but wanted to know about topics and skills not covered. She also went on a quest after being told she should stop trying to learn what she wanted. That's when the real adventure starts...she meets Kazul and becomes the dragon's princess or servant. All the skills she learned, even the ones she wasn't really interested in, became extremely useful.

She found friends; unearthed plots; and helped herself, her dragon and others. AND this is ONLY the first book! I hope we find book 2 and 4 to complete our set soon.

The story is packed with action, adventure, and mystery. Cimorene really grows throughout the story too. It's a very interesting read if you like dragons. I could hardly put it down! Xyra had to remind me to stop some nights when I read too late into the night. I don't remember my sisters having that problem. (giggles)

I give it 4 out of 5 stars because at the beginning Cimorene was not so nice. She seemed like a mean girl looking down on her fellow princesses. But, like I said, she grew! Now for Xyra's thoughts!

Xyra's Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Cimorene is not your average princess. Plus she is an above average princess for a dragon.

There is one point where I disagree with Cimorene (or the author) with regards to princesses. She makes a remark, without actually naming names, about the popular princesses being the type to (I'll borrow a song lyric here) sit still and look pretty. There isn't one that doesn't have skills or work hard. The closest is Aurora, but even she worked hard until her 16th birthday.

Like all royal family members, Cimorene is schooled in protocol, etiquette, fine arts, needle arts, dancing, etc. She finds these topics a bit dull so after lessons she seeks out topics of greater excitement. Of course, her parents are not thrilled and arrange a marriage for her. The prince in question is more suited to her sisters. If only he would see and appreciate her intelligence. On the other hand, if he had Cimorene wouldn't have met the dragons or been "adopted" by Kazul.

I loved this book. The pace is good for younger as well as adult readers with action as well as mystery. Cimorene is strong, intelligent, and ingenious. She is not averse to hard work and enjoys learning new things. She enjoys working for and with Kazul, a respected female dragon.

In this story we see how it is to respect individuals of different backgrounds, that understanding topics we may deem unworthy can be helpful, staying calm can be more helpful than petulance.

I am looking forward to finding books 2 and 4 so I can finish the series.

Where do you like to read? Do you like books and movies about dragons? What is your favorite dragon book or movie? Please leave a comment. 😊

À bientôt!

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