Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hot Sum...Spring Afternoon

Feels Like Summer

Grace, Haley, Kaya, Lea, 2 or more

But it's Still Spring

It feels nice here in the shade.
Yeah, a perfect spot to play This or That.
Which sheet did you bring?
I have Mirror Mirror.
Wiggle Room here. (giggles)
Mine is Style File.
They're all cool. Which shall we do?
Why not go around in circles and ask from each?
Sounds like a plan. Who starts?
Go alphabetically?
By name?
No sheet.
A crazy wizard takes over your life, would you prefer that the wizard flicks his wand and makes roses grow between you toes or daisies grow on top of your head?
That's easy; the daisies! Then I could be like Ophelia on The Addams Family. (laughing)
I agree with Grace. The roses makes me think of that scene from Singing in the Rain. You know, Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously. (laughing)
I LOVE that part!
Daisies unanimously?
My turn! It's playtime, would you prefer to cook a meal in a toy kitchen or build a doghouse with toy tools?
I'd like to try cooking in a toy kitchen,
Yeah, remember that news story on Tiny Kitchen?
Those were amazing videos! But I think I'd rather tackle building with toy tools. As long as I get to choose the style. the wood ones would work better than plastic.
True! (laughing)
Time to tap into your fashion passion! Would you rather wear a dress made of duct tape or a hat made of newspaper?
Easy peasy - the dress!
Absolutely! Have you seen the Stuck at Prom winners?
So creative and detailed.
You bet!
Let's talk bedrooms! Would you prefer a room made entirely of windows or no windows at all?
Hmm, that one is tougher.
Yeah, there are challenges with a glass room...
Lack of privacy, seeing all the weather all the time...
But in the end I think all widows over no windows. 
No windows could be really bleak.
But remember Blast from the Past?
Oh, good movie!
He grew up without real windows and was okay.
I'm still windows.
Me too!
Me three! (giggles)
Yikes! time to head inside to tackle homework!
Already? We only got through four questions.
We can do more later.
Yay! (laughing)
Selfie first!

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  1. Definitely daisies--having anything growing between my toes would drive me bananas! Cooking in the toy kitchen, and the dress out of ducttape, mostly because when I was a kid, my dad used to make me hats out of newspaper, so I've already done that! And last, but not least, all windows, no windows would drive me crazy. I want to see what the weather is doing.

    I giggled at the Singing In The Rain reference, that is one of my favorite movies and I always find myself singing along with that song!