Thursday, September 29, 2016

AG in King of Prussia Part 2

Second Call!

After our first disappointment, Nonna and Xyra made plans to try and go to King of Prussia again after the grand opening. This time we had success!
We got there a little before Nonna and found our way back to the store thanks to landmarks like Captain America and Francesca's. (giggles) The front looks so different.

HUGE Melody Ellison poster in the window. 
I really like her dress; the colors are pretty. She's really pretty.

We didn't want to go in without Nonna so we went back to the really comfy couch to wait; and looked over our wish list.

Stepping Through the Door

The first thing we did...look at the accessories. I love those sunglasses. Not sure about the hats.
How does this look?

They have paper cards for each representative. These are for the blondes and reds. They kind of look like trading cards.

I found some cute sneakers. They'd match my outfit, but didn't seem to have a lot of support.

Meeting New People

Then I started meeting the others. These girls are ready for back to school.
Right: I love your outfit!
Me: Thank you. You look great too!
Left: Where did you get that neat denim shirt?
Me: I've had this for-ev-er! One of my favorites. It was part of the Play Outfit.
Left and Right: Cool!

Melody is so nice. We had a good laugh about having the same name.
Then we sang a few measures together.

Yeah! Would you like a brownie?
Looks tasty, but no thank you. I don't want to spoil my dinner.
Oh, okay. If you get a chance, this cafeteria is great.

Then Willa introduced me to this little rabbit named Carrot.
Isn't Carrot's hutch a bit small?
Carrot spends most of the day out hopping around. He goes in there to eat and sleep only.
That's great! 
So cute! I wonder how he'd get along with Razzi, Lulu, and Nutmeg?

Julie let me sit in her egg chair
LOVED it! Not sure where we'd put it, but it was comfy.

I did taste the smoothie over at the hut
Very tasty. 

Then I tried out the new tent
Wow! It's roomy in here.
Yeah, I know. We could both fit in there no problem. Do you go camping a lot?
My sisters and I take turns going away camping. But I love it and we do backyard camping sometimes.

Have a seat!
Yeah, join us for a few minutes.
Hi! Thank you. I am getting a little tired. (sitting) Hey, this bed is comfy.
Yeah, both sections are great.
You both look great in those pajamas.
(together) Thanks!
The little Pomeranian reminds me of our Bijoux.
You have a pom?
Yes, she's great.
They are so fluffy! (giggles)
Oh, looks like I have to go! Hope to see you again!

Checking Out

Well, our first trip tot the store was successful, and a bit overwhelming. We kept going around in circles trying to decide just what to get. We ended up settling on two larger items and several smaller (in store exclusives). Since this is a temporary store, the entire catalog was not available. For instance, Lea's Celebration Dress was not there, but almost all of her other things were.

What would you have picked up if you were with us?

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl. Our visit to American Girl Philadelphia (King of Prussia) was unsolicited and planned purely for our own pleasure. All photos are property of Xyra Silverleaf AKA Tea Time with Melody Q and not to be shared without permission. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes only. No purchase is required or suggested.


  1. How great that you were able to go back again so soon! It looks like the store was set up nicely; I like it when you can interact with the displays, rather than just see items behind glass.
    My kids have really been into the WellieWishers, so we probably would have picked up the ballerina costume and checked out Ashlyn. Maryellen's Dress and Sweater for Girls for my daughter's birthday. I would like to see Maryellen's Christmas cookie set w/ apron.

    1. We didn't see too many of the "for girls" outfit items, but we could have just missed them. :)

      The Wellie Wishers are adorable!

  2. I can grab Lea's celebration outfit in Orlando if you want :)

  3. I think the KOP store is bigger than Pittsburgh, I was shocked at how tiny it was. It seemed kind of thrown together too, I was a bit disappointed. I did buy a few things though! ;)

    1. Wow! I'm sorry to hear your pop up store was so small.