Wednesday, September 28, 2016

AG in King of Prussia Part 1

Pop Up Store - Yay!

American Girl announced pop up store locations for the fall and King of Prussia, PA was on the list! YAHOO! Nonna from Mommy's Doll Club and I planned a trip for the soft opening.

Not Quite Open - Boo!

Alas, when we arrived it really was not open when they told us it would be. Saige and I took a couple photos together out front and peeked through the cracks in the door. 

Looks cool!

Didn't Waste the Day

Our original plan was foiled by miscommunication; however, we didn't let us spoil the day. We checked out the new mall connector and did some window shopping. Miss Notea helped Xyra fill a pick a brick cup at Lego. We had lunch at Shake Shack where Nonna's sister joined us. One of the fun stores we visited was Asian Market. I had fun trying on dresses.

Took this teal one home too.

Evening Entertainment

After saying good-bye to Saige, Nonna, Notea, and Kaykay we headed toward home, but passed by and went to the New Goschenhoppen Park to see the Allentown Band perform. Xyra's friend EG plays in the wind section. 

We set up our own little seating area, got snacks from the concession area, and settled in for the tree sets. During the first we sorted the pick a brick cup. Between the sets the sponsor group had a cake walk.
The second set had a lot of fun music we could kind of sing along to. Well, very quietly, under our breath.
The sun started to set and the sky was beautiful.

As it got darker, the bandshell started to light up.
A lot of great music! If you get a chance to see the Allentown Band perform - go - you'll enjoy yourself!

AG in King of Prussia Part 2 coming soon!

Best wishes,

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