Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Glasses 2016

New Glasses are Fun

I got new glasses! Aren't they great?!
I love how they blend in more, you know, not quite so obvious.
Plus look at the awesome pink and purple design on the arms.
They're not quite as delicate at my "chocolate glasses" are, but still aren't as strong as my rectangle glasses were. (sighs)

Do you wear glasses? Do you like choosing a new style when it's time to get new ones?

Best wishes,

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  1. Those look great on you Mel! I only wear reading glasses but I have several pairs that keep all over the house so I'm not constantly searching for a pair. I agree it's fun to look at new ones.

    1. Thanks! Xyra and I tend to keep our older pairs so that if something happens to the current pair we have back up.

    2. I used to wear glasses. - Molly.

    3. Oh ya... I'm going to post some pictures of the starting of Samantha, Jenny, Molly, Felicty, and the rest's new wardrobe tomorrow. also I'm going to be comparing the Plesant Company Samantha meet outfit which I baught on eBAY and the post pleasant company meet dress. Be free to check it out.

    4. Ooo, Molly, Did you switch to contacts or have corrective surgery?