Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Green Thumb Endeavors Update

Big Changes!

Hi! So back in early June I checked in with you about how our little potted garden was growing. Everything was really going great...until last week.

The Good News

All through June I watered the pots and watched everything grow. Even added some lettuce plants and we were really enjoying that. So were our bunnies.
Here are some photos of the re-potted petunias and tomato.

These are tomatoes from a plant we didn't start but added for variety. Very tasty!
Gorgeous daisies too. They were already in the garden.
Another look at the petunias and tomato plant. 

I counted four buds on the petunia besides the open bloom.

June had some rain, but not a lot. That's why I kept watering the pots. 
Plus they are kind of sheltered on the porch. I didn't want storm winds to blow them over.

The Bad News

Xyra startled a groundhog last week. 

I'm really hoping with continued care the plants will come back. Oh, well. It's been so dry the yard is brown and crunches under your feet, so his normal food may not be available. Now I'm praying he stays away from the tomatoes.

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted on our garden throughout the rest of the season. Do you grow any vegetables? What's your favorite?

Haley will take over tomorrow. She's going to tell you about her trip and visit with Alya.

See you again soon!


  1. Oh no to the groundhog, everything was looking so good! Hopefully it will come back. We had a similar problem several years ago only our plants were totally destroyed. Perhaps you startled him just in the nick of time!

    1. He came back again while we were away - he had left the single petunia flower and some stems then came back to sheer the rest off. But this morning I noticed some new green in the center of a couple of the lettuce plants. Yay! We want to move the pots higher.

  2. I love your potted garden! It is so exciting to get those first few tomatoes!

    1. I know! They are so much fun. We seem to be in a holding pattern right now. I think it is the heat.

  3. Oh gosh, that's terrible! I hope he'll leave your plants alone! Cute pics of Lanie!:)

    1. We have plans to raise the pots, but haven't found the right table or shelf yet for the porch.