Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Grace and Groundhog Day

Grace's Birthday Party

If you've checked out Grace's Fun Factoids you may have wondered if we skipped celebrating her birthday. Nope.  She chose to have her party on Groundhog Day!

Tuning in to Gobbler's Knob

Punxsutawney is just a few minutes south of Coolspring and we've had fun finding all the Phil statues with our friends from Say Hello to My Little Friends.  It took quite a few visits; you can use the magic search box in the sidebar to search Phil to fine all the posts.  The second link is to my trip with Abby. Anyway we got up early to watch the virtual celebration of Groundhog Day and to see the real Phil!  We laughed at all the fun stuff that usually happens.  And think we might want to put it on our bucket list.
Xyra said she'd be okay at the back of the crowd if Franz brought a small propane heater to huddle around!

He's so cute!

Here he comes!

They do talk to him nicely.

And the prediction...

I think Phil was right.  It's still snowing!

Party Time

AMC played the movie Groundhog Day on a loop yesterday.  We had it on and watched it 4 times!

Lots of great food to share too.
Can you spot our groundhogs?

Happy Birthday (belated by choice), Grace!

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day?  It wasn't really filmed in Punxsutawney.  They say the reason is they didn't think the town was quaint enough.  We think they're nuts.  Punxsy is a fun town with some interesting homes. Of course, the town they chose has more of a grid pattern to the streets - that Punxsy does not. 

Thank you for partying with us!  Do you have any prediction traditions where you live?  We know there are more prognosticators out there besides Phil.

Stay safe and well and warm!


  1. I am glad that Grace had a nice party. I missed seeing Phil this year. He definitely was right though. We had snow today.

    1. Yes! Snowy and cold here too! He was correct this time.

  2. Good day for a party, looks like they had a good time too. I like your Phil's, you have different ones than we do too.

    1. Those are only two of our Phil's. Nana Kestrel helped us collect many of the TY Beany Baby ones. The small one we featured is the on we purchased from the Phil store on one of excursions! :-)