Monday, January 18, 2021

Melody's Birthday 2021


(sighs) I think our work here is done.

Lanie it looks great!
I love the finishing touches you added.

You and Grace did a great job with the cake.
It's a little off balance.
It will be fabulous!

The Cake looks awesome, Grace.
Thanks Kaya! Your sign is perfect!

Here she is!
Birthday girl alert!
Woot Woot!

Hey! This is great!  I thought we were just going to hang out and watch movies?
Well, you know we have to amp it up a bit. (giggles)

The cake looks yummy! Can't go wrong with chocolate!
(Grace and Peni together) And buttercream icing! (giggles)

This is a great party! I love the purple theme!  You all look great! 

Look at all the snacks!
A little something for everyone.

Present time!

First, we all chipped in to get you a Swatch watch.
Love it!  The color is perfect!

Second, this is my very first attempt at a blanket.
We all chose the yarn because it kind of represented all of our favorite colors.
Sort of.
It's a bit short. I think I held the hook and yarn too tight.
I think it's awesome!

Thank you! I have the best sisters!

Xyra note:  Melody's birthday was Thursday, January 14.  We celebrated on Sunday, January 17.  Of course, lots of birthday greetings were said on her special day.  

What's your favorite birthday treat? Or type of cake?

Thank you for partying with us! 

Have a nice day!  Stay safe and well.



  1. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun party!

  2. Happy Birthday Melody! Thanks for sharing your party photos. Ms. Dorothy

    1. Thank you! It was a fun day! I think you'll enjoy our next party. :-)