Friday, January 8, 2021

Eight Years?!

Who'd Have Thought It?


Hey, what are you still doing in your pjs?
Just hanging with the new dolls.
Have you forgotten we are setting up for the big celebration?
No, but I didn't think it would take that long.
Okay, I'm going!

It Begins

I think it looks great.
Yes.  I think we've covered everything.
What's with the skates?
One of Xyra's friends is doing a skate challenge this year.  I thought I'd join her.
Oh my gosh!
Everything looks great!
Is everything ready?
Mel is right behind us.
You bet!
Wow! Are we having a party!
Of course!
It's not every day out log turns 8.
Eight on the eighth, so cool!
So do we have any goals for this year?
Do better than last year.
Yeah, 2020 was our worst year blogging.
Bring back the calendar rebuilds.
More tea!
Have courage and be kind!
Organize our closets!
Update the pages our blog.
I like these goals. Let's get our blog shot!
Say cheese! (giggles)
No, say tea! (laughing)

Thank you so much to all our followers and readers and commenters.  We love you!  You keep us going!

Have a  nice day!  Stay safe and well!



  1. Happy 8th Anniversary! Hope that 2021 is a better year for your blog and us humans. At one point I had 4 blogs all are subjects I was passionate about but times have changed and social media seems to be the way to go. I prefer reading a blog while relaxing with a cup of tea not scrolling through pages of crap or chatter about conversations that are way too personal. I guess that is why I've never had a Facebook account besides that I find it an invasion of privacy. So fingers crossed that 2021 gets better though we seemed to have gone in the wrong direction this week.

    1. I agree. I get sucked into scrolling way to easily and some stories sap my energy while others make me smile or cry, So in 2021 I'm trying not to scroll as much.

      Yes! Here's to positive motivation and inspiration in 2021.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Madison!
      It looks like you commented a few times; I hope you don't mind I only added one. :-)

    2. So sorry about the duplicates! I was having some trouble with my account.

    3. No worries! That happens sometimes. :-)

  3. Whoo hoo, 8 years!! That means this year with be my 7th???? Wow, times sure flies. Congrats!

    1. Yes, it definitely does fly! Hoping your year 7 is much better than ours was. :-D