Monday, November 23, 2020

Model Monday: Penel #2

Looking Cool; Staying Warm

Hi! This is my first "official" Model Monday, but we decided to make it my second because of Thread Thursday. It was fun looking at some of the other Model Monday posts. I don't think we took as many fun photos as in some of the earlier Model Monday posts.  Oh, well.  We relearn.

I really love this outfit.  You may have noticed me wearing it in our Catching Up post.  And now that we're reading the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine I think of it as the outfit Eve put together for Claire and I get to play Claire.  Anyway, this outfit makes me feel cool!

The Photo Shoot

Outfit Details

This may be a bit tricky, but let's start from top to bottom.
Top:  AGOT Meet Outfit 1998 aka Mod Outfit or Red Vinyl Jumper outfit (retired)
Vest:  AGOT Meet Outfit 2000 aka Urban Outfit (retired)
Skirt:  Kay Jay's, Ocean City NJ (reveal here)
Tights:  Rebecca's Meet Outfit first edition (retired)
Boots:  The Queen's Treasures (retired)

That's it for today!  Hope you had a nice Monday.  

Stay safe and well.



  1. Great outfit! It reminds me a bit of when our Abby dressed up as Abby from NCIS. Abby's boots would go great with that skirt.

    1. YES! I'm pretty sure one of us dressed like Abby once too, but we couldn't find the photo or post. Of course, Xyra dressed as NCIS Abby one year for Halloween so we could be overlapping memories. :-D

  2. Loved all the photos. Peni's hair is so pretty; loved the behind photos to show the curls.