Sunday, November 15, 2020

Catching Up

Sipping Sunday #3

Halloween: Le Bonheur

I can't believe Halloween two weeks ago already!
Was fun though.

Everyone had great ways for keeping trick or treaters safe
At least, in our neighborhood.  It seems other areas weren't as fortunate. 
I can't believe you missed the group photo.

It takes a lot of time to get your hair big!

Plus I can't believe you didn't notice I wasn't there until after!
So what are we drinking today?
Le Bonheur.

Le Bonheur?
Yes, this is "happiness" tea from Fauchon in France.
Sounds interesting.

Yes, it has a black tea base with safflower petals, white tea, cornflower petals, sunflower petals, and flavors.

Well, the description notes red fruits, orchid, and a bit of chocolate.
Neat.  May I have a cup?
With sugar and milk?
Okay, but it's not necessary.  This one is really good plain.
Oh, but yummy this way too.

Xyra's Notes

  • This tin of Le Bonheur tea was part of Fauchon travel set given to us by Nonna.
  • It is fabulous! It has a lovely bold, yet light flavor.  
  • It's good hot or cold.
  • Plus it has a lovely color even after two steepings.

Thank you for stopping!

Much love to all.  Stay safe and well.



  1. Dear Children, I am happy that you had a safe time with Trick or Treat. It sounds like you had fun.

    I am wondering what your next adventure will be. Miss Dorothy

    1. Looking for more things to do around home, Miss Dorothy. Perhaps some more tea reviews. :-)