Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thread Thursday #1

New Post Theme, Sort Of

What's Thread Thursday? Well, it's Model Monday but on Thursday. (giggles) Hey, during these crazy times you get creative! Speaking of getting creative, what are you doing while waiting patiently at home?

Cool Cute Peni

We had a gorgeous day and everyone wanted to get some sun, but it wasn't quite warm enough to go without a jacket. Check out my photo shoot!

What do you think? So what is your favorite type of outfit? Casual, formal, girly, sporty, boho, edgy, etc.?

See you later!


  1. Dear Peni, I love your pretty jeans skirt. And you look adorable in your leather jacket.

    My favorite outfit would be a frilly ballgown. Alas, I wouldn't be able to wear it out anywhere but I could just pretend I am going to a ball.

    I have been "attending" the Virtual Doll Convention this week. It is so much fun and it's free.

    Hugs, Ms. Dorothy

    1. Right now you can wear whatever you want. We saw a neighbor riding her tricycle in, I think, this year's AG holiday dress. She looked lovely.

  2. Hey Xyra! How are you? Loved the photos!

    1. Hi, Mary Elizabeth! Doing well. How are you?
      Thank you!