Sunday, March 8, 2020

Plan, Plan, Plan

What's Happening?

Hi, Melody here! I thought I'd pop in with an update on this week's events.
And to show off the great new additions to our house. I LOVE this new chair. It's super cool and comfy too. Even though it may not look it.
We also found an awesome desk. We're all looking forward to adding important things to it. I love that it's a roll top, just like the one in Kit's story. 
So here's the scoop for this week. I have two posts under construction besides this one. The plan is to have one ready for Tuesday and the other for Thursday or Friday. 

Oh, yeah! I have to show you the back of my new denim jacket. I should say our new denim jacket; you know we share. Aren't the flowers great?! 
Hahaha! Didn't take long for Rascal to join me.
Anyway, that's the plan; and one of us will stop in to let you know what's going on each week. We have quite a few teas to share with you and we're looking forward to that too. 

Here is another look at our new desk and chair.
See you later. 

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl. The furniture items featured in this post were found at an indoor flea market and the jacket from the American Girl store in Tyson's Corner. All were purchased specifically for our collection.


  1. Dear Melody, I love the new desk. I bet it will be a fun place to write letters and work on home work. The chair looks so comfortable. I am looking forward to hearing about your teas. We all like taking tea in this house. Hugs, Ms. Dorothy

    1. We need to find an appropriate desk chair for it to be more useful. Until then it will be more of a secretary. :-)