Monday, March 9, 2020

Celebrate with Afternoon Tea

Birthdays are Fun!

Let's Head to Britain

Way back in January Ladies Vanyer and Webby made reservations at Taste of Britain to celebrate our milestone birthdays. Mine and Xyra's, you know. 
The place was relatively easy to find but didn't look like what we expected. It was a cute place! They had the monthly specials on the a table card. Lady Vanyer had the scone of the month and enjoyed it. We passed because it featured coconut.
We all ordered the full tea.

Of course, Lady Webby brought party favors so our server knew for certain this was a celebration.
So when our tiered tray was properly dressed too. Gotta love that candle!
Sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle, and sweets on top.
Let's see the sandwiches were...turkey with cranberry butter, chicken salad, vegetable cream cheese spread, and a spicy...not too spicy...cheddar spread. You know, kind of like port wine cheese, but not that.
We each chose a different scone. Raisin was our favorite, but when (giggles) we go back I want to try the chocolate chip scone.
The desserts were the best! I called dibs on a lemon square. 
But you know I tried them all. (giggles)
While my tea cup was a bit large, but the Scottish afternoon blend was very tasty.

After we were finished we shopped the shop. We took home some lemon curd and a few other trifles. (giggles) Oh, we picked up some mini mince pies—like the ones Ron offers Harry—but the shortbread crust was too thick and crumbly. 

What a great birthday adventure?! Have you ever visited someplace new for a celebration? Was it great?

Best wishes,



  1. Dear Melody, I am so happy that you had a fun tea celebration. I think I have visited this tearoom in the past. I love taking Afternoon Tea. Hugs, Ms. Dorothy

    1. Hugs to you Ms. Dorothy! Yes, it was super fun! Afternoon tea is the best. I wonder if they are doing take out?

  2. Looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday! The food looks yummy and a few pieces are almost too pretty to eat. (Notice I said ALMOST)

    1. Yeah! I agree...almost...too pretty to eat. NOT! :-D
      There were neither scone nor sweet leftovers, but we did take a few sandwiches home.