Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Great Day for Tea

Sipping Sunday #2

Staying Home Remembering a Great Event

Hey, everyone! Who wants a crescent?
Don't you mean croissant?
Nope. these are crescents. I wan't fully motivated for puff pastry, but was motivated for Pillsbury. (laughing)
They look great!
They're the new Hawaiian style ones. I'll put them on this platter.

Thank you!
So what's everyone up to?
Just hanging out drinking tea?
So what's everyone drinking today?
I have Kanlo Heladiv Earl Grey, hot. (giggles)
Is it good?
You bet. Full-bodied and full of great flavor. You know when you pull the sachet from the tin, the aroma just pulls you in. It's great plain, with honey or sugar, and milk.
Peni and I are drinking the Kanlo lemon iced tea from the concentrate.
How is that?
A bit sweet for me.
But you can adjust the mix, right?
Yes, that is the great part about the concentrate.  You can adjust the amount of concentrate to be as sweet as you want it to be.  Do you love your iced tea like southern sweet tea, then use more concentrate and less water. I really prefer unsweetened tea so I used very little concentrate; and it still has great flavor.
And you got to meet the people from Kanlo, right?
YES! They are so nice and friendly. They were one of my favorite stops during the 2019 Coffee & Tea Fest Philly back in November. So nice to talk to and very informative.

We really need to try the herbal ones we got from them too.
Yes, we have the lemon ginger, right?
We do! But that will be another post.

How do you take your hot tea? 
Do you like your iced tea southern sweet, sweet, or unsweet?

Thank you for stopping by.  Today is a perfect day for tea here in Pennsylvania. Of course, we think every day is a perfect day for tea. (giggles)

Stay safe and healthy, all!

Best wishes,


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  1. Dear Xyra, I enjoyed the tea post. I so miss taking tea with friends right now.
    My favorite tea is called Stardust. It comes from the East India Tea Company. For ice tea, I would select sweet tea.
    I am glad the girls are enjoying themselves.

    1. Yes! Tea with friends is missing right now! We are so very happy we got to have tea with you when we did. Hopefully we can do that again. Right now we raise our cups to you in friendship!

      Stardust? We will have to check that out.

    2. Dear Xyra, yes, when all of this is over, we will take tea again. Paula and I will look forward to that. In the meantime, stay safe.

  2. I'm a lemon with sugar iced tea gal here! Great post, looks like the girls are finding plenty to do while they are at home.

    1. Trying, definitely trying.
      We'd like to officially switch our closets, but each week goes from winter to spring in the matter of hours so...