Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday 2020

Do you have Your Palms?

No, we did not go to a church service. We attended virtually through the Little Zion
Facebook page. it was really nice. We've shared a link below. yesterday, though, we were able to drive through and pick up palms and bulletins. It was nice to be out still distanced. 

Afternoon Diversion

Are you missing your friends? We decided to reach out to ours and schedule a zoom meeting. It's really easy to do.
Hey, who's checking in?
Samantha, Kirsten, and Trinity from Nonna's house.
And, Rebecca, Mimi, and Wendy from Say Hello to My Little Friends.
Super cool!
We'd give you more details, but it was really just a huge jumble of chatter for 40 minutes.

Lots of laughing and checking in with each other and asking about what they are doing to keep busy and schoolwork. You know all the little things.


if you are interested in seeing our church Palm Sunday service, click the link for Little Zion Lutheran Church at Indianfield.
If you would be interested in seeing the Palm Sunday service Gramma Enne played for, click the link for Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Yes, two different churches; don't forget we are in PA and Gramma Enne and Opa Hans are in Nevada.

We wish you all a safe a blessed Sunday.

Best wishes,



  1. Dear Xyra, it looks like you had fun with Zoom. All of the children seem to be content and busy engaging with each other. I am glad that everyone is safe.

    1. We did! Looking forward to using it again!
      Stay safe and healthy!