Monday, November 25, 2019

The Build: November 2019

Fantastic Thanksgiving

Hello all! I was originally supposed to prepare a tea review of Wawa's iced chocolate chai.
But this is all that is left.

I know, Tris, it's just so upsetting. So what can we determine from this turn of events? 
One, it's really good because everyone drank more than they were supposed to. Two, the combination of chocolate and the spices in the chai are super tasty. The black pepper comes through adding a sharp spice to the blend. Three, we want to try the hot version soon!
Four, since my tea review was so very brief I get to reveal this month's build!

Why are we calling it Fantastic Thanksgiving? Well, November is the month for U.S. Thanksgiving and the month when Fantastic Beasts movies usually premier. There isn't one this year, a movie that is, but we chose this month's mini figures to be the characters from Fantastic Beasts. 

We start with the door to the flat. Outside is a lovely tree and some mums. We couldn't find our little turkey. (sighs)
Now inside, we see a huge table spread for the feast with turkey and sides. Hmmm...
You can see Newt and Tina at the table, while Jacob and Queenie discuss the bread.
I love this one. 
Can you spot the baby kniffler?
How about the pineapple? Wouldn't you love to celebrate Thanksgiving with this crew? Just think of the after dinner adventures in Newt's case. (giggles)


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