Thursday, November 7, 2019

Adjusting Fall Decor

Post Halloween

Hi! How are you doing? Did you have a nice Halloween? We did. we miss our sister, Melody. She's "in hospital" or "spa" with Uncle K. We messaged the other day and she is well and enjoying her visit with KJ, but is nervous and a bit homesick. Hmmm, maybe she'll come back a vegetarian vampire. (giggles)

Anyway, you know after Halloween it's time to put all the decorations away. Well, we just kind of tweaked ours.

I added a few more pumpkins and a gourd.

It was so nice out we decided to do a photo shoot. We found some nice sunlight in the side yard.

And on the sidewalk.

We wanted to work quickly before we lost the light.

Filter Fun
Then we tried out the nostalgia filter.

And 1839.

This is "Romantic." (giggles)
I'm not sure if this is back to regular or if it's the "Pure" filter. WE have to take better notes. (giggles)

Then we found our camera can add stickers! (laughing) Too funny!

What is your favorite fall decoration? Do you have a favorite photo from the shoot? How about a favorite set of stickers? (giggles)

See you again soon!


  1. Hello All!
    Miss Melody is having a wonderful time here with us. Her Spa time will sadly soon come to an end.. We have enjoyed her visit with us on the Shore. Please stay tuned. We will be posting up coming photos and story of Miss Melody's Spa Visit. Big Hugs here to everyone! :)

    1. Wonderful news! We are looking forward to her return home. :-D
      Big hugs from here back to everyone!