Monday, July 8, 2019

Meatloaf's Rail Adventures #10

Where Does Meatloaf Go on Holidays?

The Heritage Rail Trail

Yes, you guessed it! Franz and Xyra and Meatloaf headed to New Freedom, PA to ride the rails. You know they picked up Leg Lare as well. 
I don't know about where you are, but our July 4 was really hot and humid here. Meatloaf finally has his own authentic safety green vest with reflective material and all. He looked adorable! 
He took up his regular spot, but Xyra had a new bag. It was kind of hard to see out the window of the C&O car, but he'd look up and see the trees and sky. He could turn around and see the rails out the side of the car. At one crossing Meatloaf hopped down to the running board and checked Leg Lare's car. 
Then looked at what was coming ahead.
At Hanover Junction Station Meatloaf started to explore.
But headed for the shade!
He looked over to the garden.
Stayed in the shade.
Soon they were heading off down the tracks. So many people out biking.
The Howard Tunnel was exciting!

Can you tell it's getting darker? 
The lead car brought equipment to free the flanges in Howard Tunnel to make it easier to pass. The skies got darker and darker. They finished just in time for the rain to really start and for all the cars to get into the tunnel.
Everyone at lunch and operators checked the cars for needs like fuel, coolant, etc. 

The weather eased up enough to get to the turning point at Brillhart Station. As soon as they turned the thunder started to roll and the rain came down again.
Then it was straight back to Hanover Junction Station again. The rain had stopped and there was blue sky. Buuuuuttttttt.....
Grey skies loomed.
And before they left, the sky started dripping again. He had time to check out the flag and a tiny bit of blue sky.
The thunder and rain hit again in New Freedom when they loaded up to go home. 
First to Leg Lare's where they visited on the back porch for a break in the storm before unloading. then off to Nana Kestral's to drop off the C&O. Meatloaf was ready to go home and rest.

How did you celebrate Independence Day? what is your favorite photo from Meatloaf's latest trip to the Heritage Trail?

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