Monday, July 29, 2019

July 2019 Update

We Are Here! We Are Here!

Wow! So much has been going on here this month and it has been so very hot it has been really hard to work on any posts. 
A new post is almost as rare as a unicorn.
Of which we have at least three. (giggles)
But we wanted you to know we have not left the blogging realm.
Just need a few extra hours in the day.
A few less degrees on the thermometer.
I do have it on good authority that Lea has something to share in the very near future.
Yep, hopefully tomorrow.
And that Kirsten is doing a period shoot.
So true!
So please bear with us!

We miss you!

Best wishes,


  1. Thanks for checking in. I am excited about all of the great postings to come from you and the children.

  2. Great update. Wow, three unicorns. Is the one on the left from the original My Little Pony line? If so which one is she?
    Ooh, exciting news. I can't wait.

    1. That is a good question! And it took sometime to figure out! So the unicorn with the pink horn and purple mane and tail is supposed to be Sweetie Belle from the 2008 McDonald's Happy Meal toy collection. HOWEVER, if you look at the fandom wiki Sweetie Belle is supposed to have a pink and purple mane and tail with a white horn. Her sister Rarity is supposed to be all purple, but has three diamonds on her flank.

  3. Oh, hmm. Maybe they accidentally messed it up.

    1. Yeah, I'm trying to figure all of that out. Wikis are not the most reliable sources either. I can assure you the purple and white unicorn is from a McDonald's Happy Meal.