Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring and Fresh Starts

Hello, Readers!

Spring is springing forth around our house. The trees, though they may still look bare, have small buds promising leafy canopies that will provide shade in the coming months.

A New Book!

This arrived the other day and we tore through it. Read it twice...from end paper to end paper.
If you like tea and have invited a dinosaur to your party, don't be surprised if it ends like this. :) How very fortunate it was for Cordelia and her brother to be invited to tea by Rex after the slight set backs experienced at their own party.

This was really fun to read. Not a lot of content, more pictures than words. Here is Xyra's goodreads review: Tea RexTea Rex by Molly Idle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was super cute! More pictures than story; I finished in 5 minutes.

If your little one likes to have tea parties, this is a great book to have. The tea etiquette explored is both practical and amusing. The guest is highly unusual, but I prefer this dinosaur to those portrayed in Jurassic Park. :)

A lot of fun!

Heading Outdoors

It was overcast and chilly, but we went outside to help clear winter coverage off the budding plants in the flower gardens. Kirsten checked out the hyacinths. 
She's wearing a modern outfit. Do you recognize the khaki pants and blue hooded sweatshirt of the Cargo Outfit from an earlier post? The red American Girl tee shirt is a gift from Gram and Pap. They were in New York visited American Girl Place for me. :)

Kaya and Tatlo scouted the yard from the rock. 
Kaya's gardening outfit is from a craft show. This outfit included my first pair of jeans. The red sweatshirt is very comfy. The outfit has a matching red headband, but Kaya never unbraids her hair.

Lanie found a tulip ready to bloom. 
Lanie is wearing the grey, striped, hooded, long-sleeve tee shirt of my Urban Outfit, the pants and boots from her own Nature Outfit, and a beautiful blue sweater. The sweater was hand knitted by Xyra's friend, Lady Vanyer.

I checked out the hosta. 
I'm wearing the khaki capri pants from Coconut's Best Friend Outfit and a periwinkle American Girl hoodie.

Nearby I spotted ferns. Aren't these shoots interesting the way they come out of the ground spirals?
Then headed over to join Kirsten.
We had a lovely day outside.

Best wishes to all.
Later. Love,
Melody Q

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